Docetaxel fingernails problems

Hi all, just wondered if anyone is else having issues with Docetaxel and fingernails.

I had my last chemo 2 weeks ago and 3 of my fingernails are white from the top to half way down and detaching.

Was hoping my nails would survive! Will talk to nurse later in week when go for Phesgo injection. Just wondered if anyone has experienced similar please? Xx


Unfortunately that’s me too. I was warned before receiving my 3 x docetaxel. I kept my nails short and used clear nail hardner to no avail. I’ve lost 8 fingernails and the other 2 are exactly as you describe. The new nail growing underneath will just ping the old nail off. You’ll see it start to detach from about half way. It doesn’t hurt unless you catch them. My new nails look like I’ve bitten them badly and have width way ridges across them. They’re growing. I’ve just got to be patient, like I have with my hair!


This happened to me as well. I had 4 rounds of docetaxel and both my fingernails and toenails went white. It took a few months for my nails to recover.

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Me too they are like purple rice paper and I finished months ago. Are you on phesho because I blame that. Xx

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Thanks for replying ladies and sorry you’re also experiencing the same. I’ve also looked after mine the best I can, but the white is developing on more nails now, so I assume will lose them completely…
Let’s hope for quick growth along with our hair :heart:

Yes, I’ve had 6 Docetaxel with Phesgo. Will continue now with just Phesgo every 3 weeks, 11 more to go!
I’ve read that Rosemary essential oil mixed with a carrier oil helps to encourage new growth, so will try that and see how it goes!

Me too 4 x Docetaxel and now had 12 of 18 Phesgo. Nails shot & the newer growth is so flimsy. No strength at all and ridges everywhere.

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Me too I had 6 sessions of ECT and my nails were as you and others described they took some months to recover but even now 1 year on they are weak and I’ve stopped having a gel manicures as it was making them worse and painful at times
My nails are better recovering with just clear varnish.

See photo

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When did you guys start seeing the damage from the docetaxel? I’ve been using polybalm to try and avoid the worst of the damage but I’m not sure if it’s helping or it’s just too early to see the damage… :joy: Debating whether or not to keep going with the polybalm since it’s not cheap.

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I’ve also read elsewhere that a clear strengthening polish really helps too, think I will buy some and give it a try!
My nails currently have more white areas from the top and look like at least 3 of them are gonna come off unfortunately.

Hi, 2 weeks after x 6 Docetaxel and Phesgo my nails started being very white from the top down and are detaching from the nail bed. Hoping they won’t all come off but will just have to see! I looked at the polybalm too but I didn’t buy it.

Ah ok, I’ve had 3 out of my 4 planned docetaxel sessions so it might be a little early for me. Something else to look forward to… :joy: Hopefully you’ll manage to avoid losing all your nails!

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You too, let’s hope for some normality soon, can’t wait for some hair to start growing back soon as well! :crossed_fingers:

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