Docetaxel overdose

Hi ladies feeling a bit shocked went to chemo unit today for my weekly Paclitaxel (bit of background I had 4 x EC and then was due 4 x Docetaxel 3 weekly, completed EC fine and after first Docetaxel a week later I was admitted to hospital for neutropenic sepsis stayed for 2 days given 2 doses of GCSF injections which increased my whit blood cell count and IV antibiotics, left hospital with oral antibiotics and then Oncologist changed my chemo to 9 x weekly Paclitaxel) and was told they needed a word with me in private ? Went I. A private room and was told. Mistake had been made with my first dose of Docetaxel someone had mixed my height up with someone else and recorded my height as 12cm taller which increased my dose by 10%, he apologised and said they wanted to be open and transparent, he said an investigation is being launched and the legal team would be contacting me, so had my 3rd dose of Paclitaxel feeling unsettled bearing in mind this was the does that landed me in hospital and before I went in hospital had a really rough week with really bad diarrhoea, sore throat, fatigue which I put down to side effects of new chemo.  I just wanted to know your thoughts on this please ladies ?



Oh my goodness! Poor you is my first thought.


I bet they will take extra care of you now but it is perfect natural to be apprehensive. I had to have all Docetaxel with Carboplatin so I know how strong it is and what it can do to you. In fact I was not able to have all of mine and they stopped me after four doses when I should have had 6 because my blood counts went too low.