docetaxel/taxatere causing pain at the site of my operation. any advice?

Hi there, I had my first round of docetaxel last week and about four days later felt really unwell, which I’m gradually getting over, but I’m especially concerned about some new pain where I had the mastectomy and axillary node clearance. This had healed up really nicely, and I wasn’t having any pain before starting this new chemo. It feels like nerve pain - I’ve checked and don’t have any shingles, which is what it feels like.  The doctors aren’t really sure what to do about it or why it started. 


Has anybody else had this kind of nerve pain (burning/tightness sensations)? If so, what did you do about it? Did anything help? How long did it last? Would be grateful for any help/advice. 

Although I am having fec, but I had the same pain as yours in my day 3-5 of each round, I think it is the chemo affect the nerve and scar tissue

Hi, I had 1st round of tax 3 weeks ago and had lots of nerve pain in reconstruction and left arm ANC site, very sharp shooting pains for about a week.


I just assumed it was the chemo homing in on my damaged nerve endings post surgeries as tax apparently affects the nerves more than fec hence some people experience numb fingers and toes or tingly/pins and needles sensations.  


The pains did stop I may get them back again after round 2 on Thursday but I’m not too bothered as they seem temporary.

I had chemo from oct to feb of this year, the docetaxel did the same to me, odd sensations, numb toes and fingers and odd needly pains popping up here and there !
The numb fingers and toes gradually came back about 4 weeks post chemo, I still get odd needly pains here and there but with time it fades away :slight_smile: I had chemo before my operations, just finished my radiotherapy a week ago and I now have needly pains around my wound sites but they said its normal because the nerve endings are now starting to repair !!!
If you’re feeling terrible make sure you keep an eye on your temperature because you can get and infection and get very ill very quickly if you don’t get antibiotics ! I was in hospital for a week with nutropenic scepsis but was lucky that they treated my infection before my bloods dropped !
Good luck with the rest of your treatment hope all goes well xxx kay xxx