I am having chemo, a mastectomy and then radiotherapy.I had my first chemo last friday. Saturday rash. Sunday/MON/tues extreme muscle aches esp. lower body.Unable to rest/sleep. Thursday/friday diarrhoea and bad stomach cramps(taking immodium which helps a bit)Has anyone else had these side effects? Will they go soon? 18 weeks of this would be tough.Have you any tips for me?.

there are quite a few recent threads on here regarding docetaxel side effects if you do a search you should find them. Im on my second tax the first one was horrible and i felt quite ill, the second one im feeling quite well and my dose was upped by 5mg this time. They do say the first dose is the worst. Good luck
Here is one ive found.

Hi Miss Wren

Sorry you are not feeling well. I found the first dose was the worst though so just because this one is tough it doesn’t mean they’re all going to be as bad. My advice would be get plenty of rest, drink lots of water after your treatment and the following day and for the first few days take your anti sickness meds regularly rather than waiting until you feel sick.

Also don’t be afraid to seek medical advice if you think you need more help controlling the symptoms. I rang the on call doctor at 3am one night because I was throwing up uncontrollably and had a banging headache and after he prescribed more anti sickness meds and cocodamol, I was much better. The thing is the oncs and chemo nurses expect you to handle the treatment well and if you don’t say otherwise they will just assume everything is fine.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

Hi Miss Wren,
I had my first c-Tax two weeks ago today and for the first week had the same symptoms as you, together with a few others. Then, as has already been said, there was a huge improvement overnight and I’ve felt energetic and well this week. So hang on and it will pass, but let your onc know how you have been. Mine is going to reduce the dose slightly and give me 5 separate injections for boosting the white blood cells instead of one massive one.
Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks everyone for your encouragement. It’s better when you know others are in the same boat. I feel a lot better today… dare I say almost normal. I’m hoping to get out for a bit in the lovely sunshine which always gives a boost. Just hope I have enough energy which seems a bit low today, but I guess that’s to be expected. My Chemo Hotline has been marvellous. I too recommmend contacting them as they are very supportive and give good advice.

hi folks

I have had 2 docetaxels. First was absolutely floored with all mentioned side effects but for second I was given extra five days of steroids (only 2mg)to follow usual meds. What a difference they made! Must have been them as no other difference. I felt that I stayed in the ‘land of the living’! Might be worth checking what meds you are currently on and seeing if extra steroids might be an option for you.

My last treatment on Tuesday before radiotherapy starts next month. Another part over, thankfully. Feeling positive and focused on the future, however this was not how I felt at the start of this journey so it is amazing how a new year and coming to the end of chemo can make a difference! All the best to everyone on your own journeys.

my chemo nurse also recommended if i have SE this time to keep taking a reduced amount of the steroid for a few extra days so thanks for that i will try it next time.

It’s interesting all the different advice we’re given. I am now 17 days into this cycle and feeling so much better. My hair fell out this week, much sooner than I’d expected, but I have found a wig which I love and shaved my head completely. Lots of positive comments from friends too, which makes a huge difference to my self esteem.
Now feeling a lot more positive about my 2nd docetaxel next Friday. I know it won’t be pleasant, but I also know the worst is over within the first week and then things get so much better.
Hope you are all doing well too.