Does anyone else experience crippling joint pain from docetaxel? I’ve just had my second and it’s just as bad especially in the knees and lower back?

Hi Peanut89,

I also had crippling pain during Docetaxel - I learnt that taking regular pain killers helped keep it more under control and would set myself alarms for when I could take the next paracetamol/ibuprofen combo. Making sure I took them as regularly as possible (obviously within the recommended dose). I also tried to walk everyday, even if it was just to the end of my road and back. As hard as it was some days, the movement seemed to help.

At least you only have one left! Good luck with the rest of your treatment.

K x

Hi Peanut89,

I was the same, I much preferred FEC to Docetaxel! I got off relatively lightly with FEC, but Docetaxel just wiped me out. I too ended up in hospital each time, about a week after my chemo, with high temperature. Was always put in isolation, on IV antibiotics - not much fun!
I think Docetaxel is just a nasty one (guess it has to be to deal with such a nasty disease).
My last chemo was on 28/02/2013 - can’t believe it will be a year next week?!? I went on to have mastectomy and radiotherapy - I finished treatment in June last year and am now on tamoxifen. I’m back at work full time - it all seems like a bit of a blur now!
What treatment have you had/got left? Any questions, just shout!

Good luck with your next chemo - you’re nearly there!!!

K xx

Hi, I just had my first cycle of Docetaxel and am also struggling with joint pain - thought it might be the Zometa I’m also on for bone mets but now wondering…

Looks like I’ll have to up my painkiller intake though to cope, will speak to my bcn tomorrow