4th session on Tuesday today (Friday) I feel like I’m at deaths door. After 1st one I went in hosp for a week due to neutropenia. Now on injections to boost . Why do I feel like death is on me today. I just feel so ill. Temp 36.5. Help me?

Sorry to hear you are feeling so bad. Can you ring the chemo unit and speak to some one for advice. I felt really bad too on Docetaxol and was changed to weekly paclitaxol. I am tolerating this much better only side effect is tiredness. Hoping it passes quickly x

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly - it sounds like you are suffering with cumulative effects of chemo. All you can do is be gentle with yourself - it takes time to recover between treatments (not that I think we do really) and if you are able to eat then try and eat iron boosting foods to help your recovery. I did this for the last couple of treatments as I could see the counts going lower with each treatment - not sure that it made a huge amount of difference but psychologically I felt like it made a difference.



I had my first dose of docetaxal on Monday and since Thursday I to have felt at deaths door , pain is intolerable , I am wondering if it will improve once GCfs injections stop on Monday xxxx

Hi all. I have had two treatments of docs. First I ended up in hospital with neutropenia sepsis. Second treatment was given injections to boost white blood cells. Had a week of joint pain, tiredness and metallic mouth. Thought I was improving then got really painful feet. Seeing doc about this Friday.  Anyone else experienced sore feet? Any feedback much appreciated. 

Hi all

had my 5th one about 10 days ago. Last one on 24th April.

it has knocked me for six with regards to tiredness and energy. I feel like I’ve been on house arrest as I’ve hardly been anywhere and people have kept away because of bugs.

having said that the side effects have eased over the cycles. The first three saw me into hospital a couple of times being neutropenia. They give me injections now which helps. The mouth sores and taste isn’t as bad as it was the first few although the pins and needles in the hands and feet have got worst and are pretty much with me the whole cycle and yesterday I started to feel I have pins and needles in my head. I also have sore hands and feet. The chemo nurse suggested I get udder cream - I laughed to start with but I rang a farmer friend of mine who immediately brought some over and I have to say it’s great stuff - I smother my feet and hands in it and put socks on and cotton gloves that you can get from home bargains and places like that. It’s very soothing and a great moisterizer.  You can buy udder cream from Amazon and it’s made for humans but the best stuff is the stuff made for cows. Give it a try.


The worst for me is the tiredness and achiness and complete chemo fog. I’m not sure where the last few months have gone or what I have done.



This is the second time round for me as I had chemo 7 yrs ago when I was first diagnosed. I have to say I coped better the first time round - maybe because I was younger (38). Also with this lot I’m having herceptin and perjeta at the same time. 


Good of luck every one it really is nasty posion but like I say it’s quite predictable and least you know what days you are going to get what. I made a daily diary first cycle and refer back to it when side effects kick in and I baton down the hatches and ride the storm. 


TOP TIP: Udder Cream for sore hands and feet. 

Sorry to her about you, Docetaxol is worse and it takes time to recover. Diet is important is recovery


Hoping things will change positively

Doxetaxol is really awful. Due for third dose tomorrow but my feet so swollen and breathless, not sure whether they will do it? Had FEC 10 yrs ago and wasn’t this bad. Although I was younger then and managed to work. No way I could work now. I have injections now due to neutropenia and sepsis and admission to hospital after first treatment. Best wishes to all. See what they say tomorrow.

I am triple neg and my onc said I can have radio and that there are alternate Chemo’s. Think it depends on each individual and their individual problems.

Yes bluesash. I understand. I can’t take more FEC because of hypertension and am triple negative this time. Used to have aromasin but not hormone receptive this time. Was disappointed at that. Will keep taking tax if it is improving my condition. However I too am having trouble with low blood counts. Now may need blood transfusion because of low Hb. Also having zometa although recent evidence has shown it is effective every few months not just every month so not so many treatments now. Had chemo Thursday and feeling usual tiredness and pain. See how it goes? Best wishes. X

I had my first docetaxel along with carboplatin yesterday and had Herceptin and something else the day before. Today I’ve hardly moved, feel breathless and nauseous. Is it not likely to improve then?

Hi Karen. Can only comment on tax/docs as that’s all I’m having at moment. I get breathless but later on in cycle. Had 3 now. Pattern seems to be tiredness and aches after steroids finished. Nasty mouth, loss of taste for a week, low white blood count - take injections to boost this. Painful feet with pins and needles and then swollen feet and breathlessness before starting again. If you breathless that quick seek medical advice. It may be your red blood cells have plummeted? That’s what happens to me. Best wishes. Hope you get sorted soon. Carrie

Thanks Carrie, I did end up in A&E with temperature and breathlessness last night but all ok. Great start!

Hi Karen C. So sorry you going through this. Although it is common to have bad side effects. Are they giving you injections to boost your white blood cells next time. Since I ended up in hospital with neutropenia sepsis after first treatment they gave me injections. You have them a few days after chemo and they are easy to do yourself but if you don’t want to I was told a district nurse would do them. It’s only a few days but it’s helped. They should also offer help with other probs. Make sure you tell them when you go for chemo. I have different problems each week as I have said before, however, if treatment is working I will try to continue. My fourth treatment is Thursday. Tell them how you feel. If this treatment is really affecting you badly they can try others or maybe just alter dose. Please tell them. Let us know how you get on. Thinking of you. Carrie

Hi all. Had my fourth decs Thursday. A few days before my feet especially left foot and leg swelled up pretty bad. Last cycle both feet and ankles did. Had line care on the Wednesday and nurses got doc involved as thought I may have blood clots. I thought it was just usual as last time. Had to have ultrasound scan next day before chemo. Turned out no blood clots and bloods ok. Went ahead with chemo 4. Feet going down now but starting to get bad mouth, lack of taste. I really hate this more than anything. I can take the pain with meds and take injections for neutropenia. No neuropathy after third - just swelling - which was bad enough. Will discuss all this with onc before next treatment but if it is doing good and side effects don’t get worse will probably carry on. Being triple neg not many options. Really hate the nasty mouth and not being able to taste my food. Hope everyone else coping ok after initial problems whatever drug you are now on? Best wishes to all.