Hi…I am due to start having Docetaxel in the next few weeks. I have had 3 cycles of Fec and this is the next stage of my treatment. I’m just wondering if anyone has self administered the injections which are required with this and how they got on. I’m not sure how I feel about it!!

Hi I had 4 cycles of EC & have had 3 Docetaxel last one due Thursday - I self administered the injections day after chemo & it was fine - used my tummy as easy to grab a roll & & inject .

Hi Helle B, I’m due my final Docetaxel infusion this Thursday (I’ve already had 3) - and my husband does my injections for me - in the stomach and generally they are fine - avoid any stretch marks as they are painful! You may also suffer a slightly higher temperature and some aching/pain in the pelvic/spine/neck area - paracetamol will help together with long soaks in the bath (with epsom salts or radox). Take care and hope all goes well.

Hi…thanks, ladies. I think it’s the thought of doing something like this myself which really I would prefer a professional to do!!! I have heard about the joint aches but it seems to affect different people in differents ways. (As does everything else so far. ?) Hope all goes well with the rest of your treatments. Take care.

Hi…just thought I would update my last post. I had my 1st Docetaxel and I’m afraid I wimped out of the 7 days of self administrating injections and went back to the hospital the next day for the slow release one injected by a nurse. I was afraid that I might not be able to continue to do them myself after a few days and decided to go down the easy route! I did have a lot of pain a few days later though. I ached from head to foot and really felt like I was a hundred and two - so painful to move! It did get better once I started to take the painkillers and that was what I was advised to do for my next cycle which was last Thursday. I took painkillers straightaway and so far, I have been fine. A bit slow and tired but no where near as much pain as before. I have one more cycle of Docetaxel to go (woohoo!!!) and then it will be operation and reconstruction in November . Hope this might be of use to someone about to start. ?