docetaxol and weeping eyes

HI everyone on this journey. I had chemo first, starting last September, 4 FEC followed by 3 docetaxol and herceptin injections. The herceptin continues on for another 9 months with added letrozol.  I have been off the docetaxol (that was a celebration day!) for 4 weeks now and have had one herceptin jab since then. What I’d like to know is when the streaming eyes stop. They are no better than when I was on the docetaxol.


Has anyone been through this and know when it stops? Does being on herceptin mean it takes longer to stop? I have been lucky in that this seems to be my only bad side effect to linger on, but it is making life very difficult with awful sore skin and constantly blurred vision. Eye drops, lubricating and steroids, havent helped a jot and my eyes sting and smart like crazy when I first wake up. I really would like to hear someone say that they do eventually stop.


I have surgery in 2 weeks and hope to be able to see my way to the hospital!

Hi Morgan, 

Welcome to the forum where I am sure you will get a lot of support from our users.

I am sorry you have been going through this difficult time, you may want to post in one of our Chemotherapy Monthly Threads. These threads are incredibly supportive and busy and I am sure users will be quick to share their experiences.

In the meantime if you would like to talk please do call our helpline at 0808 800 6000 who will be able to talk to you about herceptin and offer a friendly ear.

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Hi Morgan, sorry I can’t offer any advise but I am about 4 weeks behind you with same problem! So read you post with dismay… I can empathise it truly drives you round the bend! I find wearing sunglasses whilst out help a bit or at least hides it!!! Let me know when yours settles or if you find any other tips, hope it clears up soon x


As stupid as it sounds your eyes can stream because they are too dry then when the slightest thing irritates them they start to water and wont stop. Chemo messes with our eye lashes which doesnt help! I have been using drops called hylo forte they are very good and stopped this problem for me. You GP should be able to prescribe them but if not you can buy them off the book site named after a river. If GP says too expensive point out they last 3 months from when opened not 28 days like other drops so they work out about the same cost over the 3 months

Jen x

GP just prescribe me some hylo forte… Nearly bought myself but have exception certain so thought it was worth asking… And good result we

ill let you know how I get on ?X

thanks for remindinf folks of that butterfly

I have exemption but some GPs get scared at the cost of prescribing hylo forte as it appears more expensive than the usual drops so I always tell people to point out it lasts longer and doesnt need to be thrown away as soon :slight_smile: win win for both sides :slight_smile: hope the hylo forte helps goldfish x

Hi to everyone who has replied to the post about weeping (tsunami) eyes and thank you.


I havent been back for a little while because of surgery but I shall be at the GP’s for some of the hylo forte drops soon. Thanks JenJen.


Goldfish, honey, I finished my docetaxol 7 weeks ago and my eyes are just starting to be easier, so I wish I’d known about the drops sooner. My team only prescribed steroids which didnt do anything. I hope you get he same success as JenJen. Let us know how you get on