Docetaxol side effects

Hi everyone, I’m starting my 1st lot of T and herceptin next week and was wanting to know how others have reacted to both? Also I’m really worried about the herceptin causing heart problems, does anyone take anything on the side to keep their heart strong?

Click on ‘Chemotherapy’ link instead of ‘chemotherapy monthly thread’ and click on 'How will I feel on FEC-T & Herceptin. It’s a really nice positve message that someone sent to me.
Decided I only concentrate on people’s positive posts now … it’s how to get through xx
Sue H-S is amazing at sending positve posts so look out for those xx

Thanks :relaxed: yeah sue is great I have her on whatsapp xxx

Hi Cara,

I’m having my second TCH (Taxotere, cyclophosphamide and Herceptin) tomorrow. I had a MUGA heart scan a week before my first chemo. I am also a bit worried about heart problems on herceptin but you will continue to have your heart monitored throughout treatment and can have a break if necessary. Are you having herceptin injections or IV? I have my herceptin by injection at the same appointment as my chemo. The injection stings slightly as they put it in quite slowly but only for a few mins.

Best wishes.