Docitaxel se

hi everyone

am very new to this as have never joined a forum before not even onFB but have dipped in and out since May and each and every thread I have read has helped so sorry for late arrival but here goes…

Had my first docitaxel last Tuesday and still feel so rough… Bone pain nauseous upset stomach and such a sore mouth ( think may be thrush will phone doc tomorrow) I managed ok on the FEC just felt nauseous and tired but this is something else, had a couple of downers over the weekend , if u feel sort of ok you can potter about and try and forget what’s happening but when u feel so,rough your head goes into silly places… Any advice or light at end of tunnel would be very much appreciated as the thought of the next 2 rounds are quite scary…

Hi awil i have now finished all my treatment but I can remember how bad the T treatment was.Just rememember you are not alone and we will all help you get through it.I tried to take one day at a time and  listern to your body if you feel tired lay down and perhaps you will do more tomorrow.Your mouth sounds like thrush your gp will give you a anti fungal tablet for it you may get it on the next T treatments my GP gave me enough to take in case I did (and I did).Tell him about the bone pain mine gave me painkillers for it.If you need anti sickness tabs again ask him usually they are very good with chemo patients.Rememember you will get past this bad bit.Hugs Sandra

Hi Awil,

i fijished my 3rd Doxetaxel on Tuesday…it sure is a different beastvto FEC…feels like been hit by a bus!..i had pains everywhere esp ribs,legs pelvis and jaw with 1st plus the bone marrow booster inj can cause discomfort as well…double whammy!

Rest plenty, be kind to yourself, drinks lots of fluids and eat what you can…i found iced smoothies great esp with sore mouth. Regular salt water mouth rinses or non alcohol mwashes after eating, sore mouth is awful isnt it…i felt like id burnt my mouth and lips for first 7 to 9 days but it does recover.

Its weird as you cant explain what its like unless youve had it to folk. Just know you will feel better soon…took me a good 12 days after 1st lot but found the next two cycles i coped better as knew what would happen…keep a diary of your symptoms if can.

Take pain relief as need…ask gp re differing meds as need, esp anti sickness if yours arent effective… 

Im day 7 now and tho breathless andceasily fatigued ive been out and about everyday…even if for quick coffee somewhere.

Hope you feel better soon.



Ah thanks Jo
Had total melt down this morning but had no sleep so that doesn’t help… Just got gel from doc for mouth so hopefully tomorrow feel a bit better… A few have said the injections don’t help got 2 more so maybe when they r finished… Thanks again for taking the time to reply xx

Hi Awil


I’m having my 3rd docetaxal today. I understand exactly how you feel but like the others have said the side effects will subside, by day 9 to 12 you will start to feel better. Drink plenty of fluids, avoid too much caffeine because it will make you feel more anxious and agitated. Don’t hesitate to speak to your Oncology Nurse about side effects and they will advise on meds. I have downloaded an app called CALM on my tablet and also some guided meditations and these have helped me relax. Rest as much as you need to, go outside for fresh air when you can even if it’s only for a few minutes. Read, watch happy films and most importantly remember you are NOT ALONE. It’s only a few weeks out of the rest of your life, you will be fine. 


Sending a big hug


Sandra W.

Hi Awil 


I had FEC-T two years ago and found the Taxotere so much more debilitating than the FEC.  You will get through it though.


Listen to what your body is telling you, sleep, drink plenty, eat little and often, etc. If you end up with painful and peeling feet - get Pyrodoxine and Aveeno Cream from your GP. Drinking pineapple juice does help with the mouth. Paint nails with black nail varnish.


Contact chemo nurse ASAP if any problems …they are great. x

Ah thank u I will look out for some x