Docs booked on 11/04. Now can't stop overthinking

Hi all. 

I took the decision to get checked by the doctors this week coming. In doing so I now feel like I’ve given my imagination free rein to skip further down the line…


I found a small, pink freckled like patch on my left breast. One of these freckles is slightly raised.  This is in addition to the one I already have (also raised) on the underside. This is an old one I was aware of that I’d had checked out 5 years ago as I felt two lumps underneath. I was dismissed by the then doc as “dense tissue” so thought nothing further.  Until I saw those two other new freckles and checked my underside one… those 2 lumps underneath are now one oblong shaped lump. 


I’m worried, as my family has a history of cancer too. Worried that it is the C word. Worried that I’ll just get dismissed again. Or that it’s nothing and I’ve wasted the doc’s time and been ott.


Am glad I was able to voice all that out.


Hi Sam 

Yes, do get this checked out, especially as you have felt a lump. Also, mention your family history. 

Usually a referral to the breast clinic is done as they are the only ones who can get to the bottom of it, but do ask about this, if it’s not offered. 

It’s most likely to be nothing serious, but you do need to check it out & feel sure about it. 

You’re certainly not wasting anyone’s time, it’s what they’re for!

ann x