Doctor thinks lump is tissue?

Three weeks ago I found a lump on my left breast. I was lucky to get to see my gp that day. She said she thought it felt like tissue (about 2cms) and would refer me to breast clinic for ultrasound.
I am due in next week but really starting to struggle with it all? I feel the lump has gotten harder and I can now feel it above and below my nipple.
Has anyone had a similar experience?
I’m 47 and been perimenopausal for what feels like a million years but actually around 7-8.

Hello Sharon,

Welcome to the forum, we are here for you as we’ve all been there ourselves I’m not medically trained to give you advice, but myself, I had a similar situation which turned out to be a cyst. However, when you go along to the clinic, they will possibly do an ultrasound to determine what’s going on.

I know how anxious, you must feel at the moment taking one day at a time looking after yourself until your appointment comes through. I know this is so easy for me to say, also make some notes as there’s so much to take in, have your questions ready when you see your consultant your breast cancer nurse will be there to support you.

Fingers crossed for a good outcome. I do wish you well please come back and let us know how you’re getting on.

With the biggest hugs Tili :pray::rainbow::pray::rainbow:

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Hi Tili
Thanks so much for responding and with such a lovely message too!
I keep telling myself it will be something like that but can’t help worrying at the same time - normal I guess?
The doctor did say an ultrasound so I will be prepared for that (looks less painful than a mammogram).
Have a lovely weekend x

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