Doctor told me to stop watching the soaps and I don’t need a screening?

Hi all,

so log story short - I have had horrific breast pain in both breasts since NYE. After going to the doctors I was finally referred for screening to the breast clinic! 
but when I go then I was told to go into a room with a doctor who examined my breasts again. I explained about the pain and it’s so uncomfortable. To which he smiled and said do you watch the soaps? By this point I was confused, he then said about them portraying young women so much to have breast cancer when in actual fact the stats are ridiculously low, he then carried on to ask me questions like ‘how many people do you think who come into this clinic actually have breast cancer’ question after question which made me feel pretty stupid, he said I don’t need a screening and to take paracetamol. He was almost amused at the fact I thought it was something sinister and smiled the whole time saying ‘why are you even here’ 

has anyone else had an awful experience with their breast clinic? I really don’t know what to do from now, should I make a complaint? Should I push it more? I just felt stupid walking out, and still have severe pains! X

Go to your trusts pals office make a complaint and want full investigation into this dismissive behaviour and you want to be seen by another consultant. It’s not acceptable you have been treated like this. You know your body better than anyone. Keep strong and take it to your trusts pals office. They have to investigate and log the case. :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi Charlotte

i have had primary Breast cancer 3 times over the last 10 years…2 of those episodes manifested as breast pain with no lump at all…if I had not been scanned I may not have been diagnosed until later and my outcomes may not have been good…I am not saying this to frighten you… but you know your own body best…your GP has referred you …it may be nothing…it may not…but without screening you won’t know…contact PALS as soon as BH is over…they will be back working on Tuesday … hope you get sorted soon :four_leaf_clover:

@charlotted321   - Jeeeez, Charlotte, I can’t believe that consultant’s dismissive attitude!!! Quite an insulting one, really - saying what he did about soaps (what?!!), and also “smiling”?!! That’s just making a “mockery”! In actuality, he should be pleased that you are just wanting to be understandably vigilant, and be prepared to follow up your concerns, as anyone would have a right to, given what you’re experiencing. Your GP obviously agreed with you on that, otherwise he/she would not have referred you in the first place, would they?? Yes, it IS faaar less common for BC to occur in younger women, BUT… it DOES sometimes happen, unfortunately! I’m so hoping you AREN’T one.

I personally applaud you for taking the the initiative and chasing it up in the first place, to be on the safe side. Can never be too safe. 

I also again applaud your taking the initiative, girl, and coming onto the Forum. Thank goodness you did, and had the likes of @Shi  , @Kitkat23  , and @Seagulls giving you some BRILL advice, comments and support in helping you “fight your corner”, so to speak (excellent stuff ladies ).

I note your last post on here was 16. 04. Where are you now up to with it all? Any further forward yet?

I sooo hope it turns out not to be BC related, Charlotte, as everyone DOES on here. As I said earlier, faaar better to be safer than sorry. I don’t think ANY woman can be/feel too safe.

Hope all turns out to be well for you, darlin’. Lots of Love to You and all you other lovely, caring ladies on here,  Delly xXXx