Dodgy stomach after chemo

Hello, I am almost 5 weeks post final chemo and still struggling to eat! Just no appetite and feeling queasy. I am taking my anti sickness tablets still, but does anyone have any suggestions how to help and how long it lasts please?

Hi Faithy11,

sorry to read that ur still feeling yuk…   at least you have finished ur chemo. ?

i am 3 mnths post final chemo n had no problem with feeling sicky after.

Suggest you call ur cancer unit/bc nurse n tell them,  maybe u need some stronger anti-sick meds.

good luck,  hope you get something sorted and feel better soon.

take care…  mini mad xx??

Hi Faith


Sorry to hear you’re still suffering. I have a few ideas (but no answers) as my appetite vanished and my weight plummeted in chemo. We all react differently but I know there are different types of anti-nausea tablets so maybe you need another type now? That’s where your b-c nurse can help as it was my oncologist that prescribed both Cyclizine and Metoclopramide (which I could take together, with at least 2 hours between if that makes sense - in fact, I never needed both).


When I had problems eating before, during and post-chemo, my GP referred me urgently to the community nutritionist. She came up with some surprising alternatives to supplement ‘meals’ though obviously she aimed to get me eating as normally as possible. Unfortunately I chucked all the unused stuff out yesterday and they are gone so I can’t give you brands but there were some very satisfying fortified desserts I had on prescription. There are also tiny bottles of highly fortified fluids (rather than long bloaty drinks) so maybe you could ask about things like that. These are short-term solutions of course.


You might also consider whether you are suffering from actual nausea or if you have acid reflux/oesophagitis/stomach problems which can make you feel queasy. If chemo attacks all tissue, the stomach lining can also be vulnerable so perhaps something like Lansoprazole might help (again in discussion with your GP). I mention this because, 8 months on, I have oesophagitis which causes queasiness, despite being on Lansoprazole and my oncologist has just explained it’s likely to be caused by the zometa infusion I have every 6 months. Great, only 2 more years to go then.


You haven’t mentioned your sense of taste and texture of foods or your mood, which can be real appetite-killers. I’d say it took about 3 months for my taste to improve ( I ate my Easter Egg in late June, I think) and it’s still not back to normal. The important things is, once you can pinpoint the cause, you’ll soon feel more positive and your appetite will return. 


I hope you manage to get some help, from your b-c nurse or GP, or both because you can’t afford not to be eating, can you? Take care and best of luck x