Does alcohol increase risk of reoccurence?

Just wondering what peoples opinions are on this? Initially I didn’t drink alcohol at all, however I’m back to enjoying wine again and find it quite relaxing…is this doing me more harm than good?

Hi Smiler, Just saw your post and wanted to let you know that there is a discussion on this subject on page 4. There are all kinds of views and information on there which you might find interesting. I personally couldn’t have a drink at the beginning of the treatment (I have liver and bone mets) but now four months down the line, I’m able to have a couple of glasses of wine. I restrict it to the weekends as I’ve always enjoyed going out and having a couple of drinks with a meal or in the pub and since I’ve had to put up with so many changes in my life recently, I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this awful disease take away everything I enjoy.

Everyone has a different opinion on this, so I guess it’d down to how you feel.

I do hope this helps and that you are feeling well today. Take care of yourself. Lotsa love and hugs coming your way. Dianne x

The best thing is to look at the research and then make your own decision. Personally I haven’t touched the stuff since my diagnosis. At first this was becasue I was so sick with the chemo but then made the decision not to go back to having any.

I have pasted this on another thread but it’s the research shown on the Breakthrough BC site:

There’s a pdf further down on the page which has more details. Also World Cancer Research Fund has many more details.

Elinda x

Oh there is a whole big arguement about it over on the chemo pages that you can read !!! for me I just go with the health professionals and they have said yes it is ok - I too gave it up during chemo cause I couldn’t drink /or eat much but now have the occasional glass. All the nurses, my oncologist and the radiotherapy team (different hospital) have all said it is ok so it’s a choice

LR xxx

Thank you all for your replies, its always good to hear different views and find out more info. Dianne, I’m not quite sure where to look when you say there’s a discussion of this on page 4?
I’ve bought a couple of innocent smoothies as a weekday treat and saving the glass of wine til the weekend!
Hope you are all doing ok

not sure that this link will work but you can try it - if not go to the chemo pages and look for did you drink alcohol whilst on chemo - there are some pretty strong views …

Keep cheery :slight_smile:

Thanks for that link RECS, interesting reading,some posts make me feel guilty/foolish(?) for having my glass or two of wine…and then I read about being overweight and panic again!!! You could tie yourself in knots couldn’t you, and then you get so stressed out you actually need that glass of wine!
Take care

As long as you have all the correct information in front of you, its your choice. We all do things that are risky to our health - some far more risky than others and have to accept that. The health psychologists call this cognitive dissonance - where we rationalize what we are doing, even though we know it isnt good for us. So with drinking alcohol, we know there are health risks, not just for Breast Cancer, but we justify our drinking because it helps us relax, socialise etc etc. Being overweight is another issue that falls into this category. We all know that being fat is not good for us, but we try and convince ourselves that it doesnt matter as we shove that chocolate in etc. I do it all the time and then have guilt pangs when I get on the scales. Its called being human.

Hi Smiler, So sorry I wasn’t clear about where to find the discussion but I think Recs sorted it for you. Hope you are feeling good today and that the arguments for/against haven’t driven you to the bottle!!!

As I said earlier, I have a couple of glasses of wine at the weekend and I do mean just a couple. It makes me feel normal and I enjoy it, so it’s really down to how you feel.

Take care of yourself and hope everyone is having a good and pain free day. Love, Dianne x

Regarding cognitive dissonace Cathy59, guess this would apply to the four sausages rolls I have scoffed today and know in my heart of hearts I shouldn’t have! I do have a glass or two of wine at the weekends but have found that I do not want to drink as much as before diagnosis as I don’t seem able to tolerate alcohol as well.