does anyone ask for scan results over phone ..?

hi all i have scans tomorrow and really not expecting good news so what i would like to know is if anyone asks for results over phone so you can be in own enviroment instead of dreaded waiting room … and if you did was it better that way even if news wasnt great? any comments pease x

my bcn phoned me with the results of every scan and blood test, so that i wasnt keep waiting. All were good news but i think if it were bad news it would have to have been given face to face. Good luck

I always phone my bcn for my scan results. They are really good about getting back to me quickly if they are not available. This means I get results within 2-3 days of the scan and on next onc appt I am not sat in the waiting room going mad with anxiety!!! I have secondaries diagnosed from the start last September and all scan since then have shown improvements, albeit slight!

yes, I also get results from bcn and they are so helpful
take care

well i always thought i would want to know asap, can face anything etc. But I am realy glad i did not get mine over the phone. I was so shocked at the outcome devestated at what it was going to mean to my band, that the consultant was completely taken aback. he thought I would be skipping around because I did not need chemo. Because he saw my first raw reaction he got on the phone to the oncologist and got me an urgent appointment with her to plan my treatment to fit in best with my band schedule. he said the excercise and well being I would get from carrying on would help my recovery and he wanted to do everything he could to help that (or was he just trying to get me out of the door and make me the oncologists problem—cynic!)

if i had the results over the phone, I would have calmed down by the time he saw me and the outcome might have been different

I begged for my first diagnosis to be given over the phone (which is not usual at all!) and Dr obliged. I was alone and mortified but I already had another face to face mtg booked, so it was what I wanted.
At the final stage, when I required further ops to achieve clear margins I couldn’t bear the waiting of three weeks so phoned BCN at a point where they had had their Multi Disciplinary Meeting but I had to wait days for my appointment!
I was delivered the bad news of a mx through a phone call and was utterly devastated but to be able sob in isolation (for 2 whole days) was better for me than having to put a ‘brave face’ on for others…
I had my booked appointment in a couple of days and I felt I could really discuss choices at that meeting because the news had sunk in and I was no longer in that shocked state.

It was my best choice but others may disagree…

it seems they are happy to give good news but feel if not good they want to see you i may ask anyway thankyou all x

not that yours was good welshgirl with mx but referring to scans and progression but then may depend on hospital too x

It really was the best response for me.
I just couldn’t wait anymore… The final decision was the same whatever happened and bad news is always hard to hear,isn’t it?

Do hope you can organise what is best for you Fairyqueen.
Good luck with your discussions and future results.

thanks welshgirl just feel it would be better as you say wherever you are the news is gonna be the same take care xxx

Think we are all different so go with gut instinct. I do not have BCN so only Oncologist and did deliver first news of improvement on phone but recurrence came on phone and | was devastated as could not discuss and felt they suspected more than letting on. I saw Oncolgist in a day or two but wait was awful and would have rather seen face to face I think but circumstances prevented as they needed to stop be starting radiotherapy. If you get on well with BCN could have friend or support at home with you for call ?
jo x