Does anyone else have colitis as well as having breast cancer?



I was diagnosed with BC in both breasts on the 17th May and i am awaiting surgery 17th August i am having a mastectomy and a lump removal mean while i am taking Tamoxifen. Unfortunalely i also suffer from ulcerative Colitis and my IBD team have taken me off of the medication i was on( Azathioprin) as it is an immune suppresent, Now my coloitis is kicked in badley and they are going to put me on steroids until my surgery. is there anyone else out there that sufferd from this and how have you got on with medications etc ?





Oh, bad luck - hugs to you!


I’m not in exactly the same position, but I have Crohn’s disease which is similar. And I’m on Letrozole, having had a lumpectomy & SNB in January this year, followed by radiotherapy.


I’ve recently had my first real flare-up of the Crohn’s since it was diagnosed about 10 years ago. I take Mezavant (Mesalazine), and that normally controls it. Luckily I have access to a specialist gastro nurse so I could get advice and prescriptions straight away. She doubled the dose of the Mezavant and added in the delights of suppositories and a foam enema!!! Oh, and Milk of Magnesia…


After a week of that, I’d had enough & things were getting better, so she let me off any more and I went back to the usual dose of Mezavant. I was debilitated for a few days but gradually got my energy back.


It might be worth checking what foods are good & bad when a flare-up occurs. Cutting out spicy foods, eating white bread instead of brown, etc, might help?


I don’t know how much help that will be, but I sympathise because I know how rotten it can be & how it affects everyday life. All the best.

Just re-read your post & noticed you mentioned steroids. Back when I was first diagnosed, I took…


I was just googling to try to find the name of the one I took, and I found the Crohn’s & Colitis UK website, which might help you.


Anyway, I took steroids at a decreasing dose for 6 weeks, when I was first diagnosed. I’d read about side effects & was scared of them, but I didn’t get anything bad. The only thing I noticed was that I’m usually in touch with my feelings, and while on the steroids I was a bit more ‘on the surface’ only, IYKWIM!


I think it may have been prednisolone.