Does anyone else have secondaries in their bone marrow, bones and lymph nodes?

I was diagnosed three weeks ago as having de novo metastatic breast cancer. I’ve been told that it has spread to my bone marrow, bones and lymph nodes. I’ve started treatment with Letrazole, Abemaciclib and Denosumab. I’d be really glad to hear from anyone else with a similar experience.

Hi Fi


Hope you are doing ok. It is a very terrifying place to be isn’t it.  I have recently been diagnosed de novo and it is a huge shock!


I have my secondaries in my bones and having letrozole at the moment.  I am finding it very manageable.  Will be getting demosumab in the next week or so and then possibly some more drugs after I have had some radiotherapy.  I think a lot of people on here have had similar so will no doubt have more info than me xx


Hi Fi-B

I’m 47 and was given a De-Novo diagnosis earlier this year with spine mets. I also have lobular with the same profile as you’rs and I’m on Letrozole, Abemaciclib, Zolodex and Zometa. So far I have very little in the way of side effects and so far my scans have been stable. 

I’m with everyone else about asking about prognosis, we are all different as is our disease and who knows what medical advances are around the corner! I believe there’s a Lobular trial going on at the moment…

Best Wishes