does anyone get discharge??

I suffer with terrible vaginal discharge, been on tamoxifen for nearly 3 years now. been checked out by Gynacologist and he can’t find anything wrong, ( i go back for 6 monthly checks, just in case),can only put it down to tamoxifen. It has got gradually worse over the 3 years and can be a bit embarrasing as i feel as if i smell!!

Hi Marg,

Have to say, do have quite a bit, just like when your period is starting - always makes me worry that everyone else notices, but then I check and all is well. Thank goodness for wings!

Sally xx

Thanks sally, i haven’t had periods for 3 years now but have to wear panty liners all the time otherwise my underwear gets stained. ( i can’t believe i am telling eveyone this!!!)

Hi Marg,
I’ve been taking Tamoxifen since Oct 07. I was told by the hosp that I would probably get a creamy discharge. I’ve noticed an increase but so far it’s manageable.
What a subject!
Caz x

I am the same and always wear a panty liner. Sometimes with hot flushes and sweating i think i smell sometimes too.
My urine is so much stronger as well. One thing though i am actually glad of is a bit of lubrication down below, i know some meds give ladies dryness.

I always say this tab has aged me and to be discussing my vaginal discharge, strong urine and sweatiness on a internet site is unbelievable. what does this disease and treatment bring us too?


Hi Marg,

I too have more of a discharge but have not worried about it as before I started taking tamoxifen onc told me this would probably happen.
Take care

The only thing I’ve really noticed, is strong smelling wee, even if I drink plenty of water, it still smell…unless it’s me worrying …


And the same happens with Arimidex…Grrrrrrr!


Hi Marg

Are you taking different brands, when I first started tamoxifen I was fine, then my 3rd batch made me really dry down below and it was awful, I then changed to nolvadex, my discharge came back pretty heavy to start with but has now settled slightly (although my hips are bigger) and like others have said its easier with lubrication.


Hi All

I had quite a bad discharge when taking “any old tamoxifen” but it has decreased since taking Nolvadex. I wear panty liners all the time - just the cheapies from Tesco 23p for 30!