Does anyone have really good days then suddenly have flashbacks to what they have just come through

Anybody go for days and not even think about what we have just came through then just out of the blue it hits you like a ton of bricks

Oh yes, usually during the night.  I wake up cos i need the bathroom then wham…all comes flooding back…often have a little cry to try n get all of it back in proportion. ?


Its not unusual,  so when this happens , just try n think thst there are a lot of us out here feeling the same as you…you are not alone…  ?

Hi yeah it’s not a nice feeling it just all comes flooding back , I think that’s half my problem I can’t really cry I go from being angry to frustration and then I feel guilty x

Hi I can go for days and feel great then just all of a sudden it hits me it’s a horrible feeling then I’m fine again , thanks for your reply :heart::heart:

Hi Lane and everyone else who has difficult days. yes im having a down day today and feel like Im shut in my own little world where nobody understands me. Phoned my breast nurse but feel I didnt really put over how I was feeling to her either as before she went off the phone she said ‘Im pleased your doing so well’… I have plans to meet up and go for a walk with friends later today then go for something to eat so I hopefully will feel better for that but its awfull when you feel like that . Hope your feeling better. take care xx