Does anyone know about Phoenix Tears?

This isnt for me - I’m a ‘do as the doctor says’ sort of person but soemone I ‘talk’ to on another unrelated forum has asked if anyone knows about Phoenix Tears which appear to be a ‘complementary’ medicine of some type made from hemp.

Mary M

I was urged to seek this out a few months ago. “Hemp” is a polite word for cannabis. The lady who promoted it was using cannabis and a raw veg diet instead of conventional medicine.
It wasn’t for me.

I watched a programme the other night about hemp oil being used to treat cancer , and it mentioned Phonenix Tears i think it is in America , it has its own webpage.Hope this helps!

Hi Ladies,
May be a bit late posting on this thread but here goes, I have followed the conventional route through treatment right from the start but figured that as I had secondaries dx at the same time as the primary I would not loose anything by taking hemp oil or cannabis oil ala Pheonix tears or you could google Rick Simpson (this is the guy behind Pheonix tears), I have been taking it ever since the start (dx last march) also told my oncologist about taking it which he said was fine infact he did say that other patients take cannabis especially during chemo to help with the SE except they smoke it, as I have spread to my lungs smoking it was never going to be an option but instead I take a small amount at night in a capsule and it really helps with the sleeping, obviously I don’t know what is keeping me stable it could be the cannabis or it could of been all the conventional treatments like chemo/surgery/rads and now continuing with herceptin/tamoxifen combo, all I know is that it helps me too sleep right through the night no waking up with the night sweats.
I have spoken to an American lady who takes the hemp oil and she reckons its prolonged her life by 3 years again this is all speculation, but I’m glad I’m giving it a go. Obviously its illegal to grow cannabis in this country so it goes without saying that I don’t sell this, if your interested just google Rick Simpsons name there are some you tube vids that show you how to make the oil.
Good luck to all who might try this, I shall keep you all posted as too my continued status as stable and if I become NED.
Love and light to all
sarahlousie xxx