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Can Herceptin be continued at any time after lower heart function results? Mine went from 58 to 47, saw a cardiologist who said I could never have Herceptin againand will have to have an MRI scan on my heart. I was led to believe that if this happened I would have a break from Herceptin til my heart recovered and then start again. My onc. has always told me that my treatment would be ongoing so now I’m getting a bit worried what will happen if I can’t have it anymore, are there any alternatives. My appt. with onc. is next week, don’t think I can wait that long so I’ll try and get another appt. Any one in a similar situation? Am I worrying cos I’m losing my ‘safety net’,won’t be seeing drs and nurses every 3 weeks, I don’t know.
Jan x

Have only just seen this Pipkins, so probably all sorted now! However My oncologist stopped my Herceptin after 16 because my LVEF had dropped from 70 to 49. I was only due one more and would have then finished the course.

He did tell me that had my LVEF dropped halfway through my treatment, rather than at the very end, he would have delayed any more Herceptin and ordered another ECHO and providing the LVEF had improved, would have continued with the infusions.


My Oncologist says I probably wont have full sessions on HER because of heart situation but that studies in scandinavia show shorter term likely to be as effective anyway.

I think what netsa says is correct about shorter periods of herceptin being just as effective. I also think that if your LVEF drops below 50 the NICE guidlelines do say you should have a break and then another scan. There seems little point if you are near the end of your treatment on herceptin to continue if you are having problems. For me, I am on herceptin so long as it continues to work for me. My oncologist has agreed to let me continue when it falls below 50 so long as I have no other symptoms of congestive heart failure - such as breathlessness or swollen ankles. I have been on it now since Jan 04 and my LVEF fluctuates quite a lot from a high of 68 to as low as 42. I hope pipkins you have seen your oncologist now and that all is well.


Hi justme, netsa and dawnhc
For some reason, which has never been made totally clear to me (I dont think I want to know now) I am on Herceptin indefinitely, which is why I am really worried that Im not having it. I saw my onc and I cant have Herceptin until Ive had my mri, still waiting for appt. I am going to ask for another echo as there might be enough improvement for me to continue. When I had my last echo I had a really heaving cold and was a little breathless, but since I got rid of the cold Ive had no problems and never had any of usual chf symptoms before that. thanks for your replies
pipkins x

Just to add I have been on Herceptin 2yrs 5mths.