Does anyone not have a Breast Care Nurse?

Does anyone not have a BCN? I am having chemo before mastectomy and don’t have a BCN 

is anyone in the same position 

Hello Minniem,


I was always confused about who was my so called BCN if anyone!  When I first went to the hospital  Breast Clinic I was sort of allocated somebody but, to cut a long story short, I binned her so to speak as I had to almost force an apology out of her due to an error on her part.  I did not think medical arrogance was a good basis for a constructive professional relationship!  However, if I had felt the need then I would have just rung up the clinic and ask to speak to any of the breast care nurses.


I also had chemo first and at my first Oncology appointment, there was a nurse present who really became my breast care nurse.  So any issues with chemo or other queries after chemo etc I put them to her.  Some of our communication was also via email which I found very useful  (god love her I noticed she was even responding to things when she was not at work!!).


If you do not have a named contact and would find it useful, then perhaps contact the breast clinic/oncology and query how they usually manage this as they should surely have something set up.


Best wishes to you x

Hi mimmiem

I hope you’re doing well with your chemo.

I’m concerned to hear of your lack of a BCN, and support. It may very much depend on your Area Health. If I were you, my first port of call would be to speak to your consultant, to ask about this. Also, have you contacted the Forum “Helpline”?? Failing that, I’d go in person to your BC dept., rather than phone, explain your situ and ask to speak to someone in authority, to have this conversation with. I didn’t need chemo, but I did have BCN’s throughout both of my BC’s experiences and ops, to discuss things with, right from the beginning. I can’t see why chemo should be any different, and not provide you with such. Failing that, I’d go to your nearest MacMillan centre, and discuss it with them. They are a fantastic source of info and support, so may be able to point you in the right direction. 

Good luck with it and please let us know how you go on.

Delly xxx

Hi Minniem
I was given the name of my BCN at diagnosis in April but I haven’t seen her since. It’s written in my booklet but I think it’s just policy to name an individual. Her role was never explained to me, or maybe it was and I was too shell shocked to take it in? At clinic and during chemo I see whoever is on duty. Sending best wishes to you for your treatment.
Jacq xx

I only saw A BC nurse before chemo treatment she explained what was going to happen and then no nurse at all until the surgery It was impossible to get through on the phone to BC nurses and I got help from family and friends only

I just wanted to update my earlier comment. Since July I have had a couple of concerns and had to call the BCN’s for advice. They have been great, returning my calls quickly and offering advice or treatment. They have been there when I’ve needed them and I am very grateful for that.