Does anyone take Ibandronic acid

Hi, have just joined the site and am looking for info on Ibandronic Acid/Bondronat for bone mets.
Have just started it today orally and wondered if anyone has had any side effects from it and also what effect it had on their bone mets.

Look forward to hearing from you
Jane x

Hi there!

I have just switched to ibandronate, having been on zometa for two years. The zometa seemed to keep my bone mets relatively stable but I became more and more intolerant of it and got worse and worse flu like symptoms every time.

Ibandronate has so far been easy to tolerate but not sure whether it is as effective. I get results from a bone scan tomorrow which will hopefully give us some idea about whether it is continuing to keep my mets stable or not. If it isn’t, I think I will be switched to Pamidronate - an older bisphosphonate that takes longer to give via infusion.

The downside of ibandronate is that you have to take it first thing and then remain upright for at least an hour. You can’t eat for half an hour after taking it and can’t take other meds either, which is a bummer if you need to take pain killers. I find, though, that if I take my tablet then have a shower and cream up my feet etc then half an hour passes quite quickly!

Hope it does the business for you!



I have been on Bondronat for 3 years now and at my last bone scan a month ago everything was stable so its working for me. I have had no real side effects and although it is a bind to wait half an hour before eating anything its something you get used to - I take it as soon as I get out of bed then by the time I have had a shower or taken the dog for a walk the half hour has fled by.
Hope you get on ok with it.
Best wishes

Hi Jane

I’ve been taking Bondronat for almost six years – it’s really worked well for me throughout, and I’ve had no side effects from it. Yes, like others have said, it’s a bit of a faf with the timings, getting up early, sitting up, not eating, no other drugs, etc., but well worth it for its great impact on my bone mets, which are extensive but stable. I’ve had several episodes of bone met progression since my mets dx in October 2003, but each time, the Bondronat has kicked in and reduced the pain.

Hope it works as well for you!

Marilyn x (the Bondronat queen)

I switched from Pamidronate to bondronat about 6-8 weeks ago. I’ve got used to the wait 1st thing and do similar to the other ladies on here. I had no real side effects until a couple of weeks ago when I had terrible wind/ acid reflux. I couldn’t believe how often I had to burp - luckily it wasn’t happening the other end! I hadn’t changed my diet or habits so have no reason why this happened but all of these things are listed as SE’s. After nearly going back to my onc and asking for the dreaded IV they all just cleared up and I’m back to ‘normal’. Will be waiting like Deirdre for my next scan to see (hope) they are working as well as the IV did.

Hi Jane

I’ve been on bondronat 2 1/2 years now. Bone mets stable, no side effects.

Take care x

Hi there, thank you all very much for your replies, they were all very encouraging
Love Jane