does curly hair grow back straight??!!

have heard reports on here from girls with straight hair growing back curly and i saw my specialist today who said that cos i had very curly hair it will prob grow back straight!
i had naturally curly thick hair and want that back not straight hair?!
anyone with any feedback please

I am aware that people have had hair grown back a different colour but not heard of curly to straight.

My hair was straight and is growing back very thick and very straight which is a relief as I didn’t want curls - Colour is almost white colour and looks quite trendy in its short style people think I have had it styled that way when in fact its just grown into it itself. x

Hi billia ,
I had very thick curly natural hair before chemo, and my hair came back poker straight lol but dont panic as i dont think it happens to everyone, i was actualy quite pleased as i had always wanted straight hair anyway so dont need to use the straightners anymore lol.
My hair also came back the same colour as before thank goodness .
Try not to worry to much, most peoples hair seems to come back as before i think.

Good luck to you

My hair was poker straight before treatment. When it grew afterwards it was sooooooo curly. That was two years ago. I didn’t know how to cope with it as I was not used to curly hair. I’m now two and a half years out from treatment and have just had the last of the chemo curl ‘cut out’.

It’s back to how it was!!!

So take heart. It does take a while though.

Mal xx

Hi there, mine too came back like an old ladys frizzy perm, Ive now had 9 haircuts since chemo finished 18 months ago, it got straighter with each trim and its been its usual self since about my 6th. Incidentally it`s a thicker, more manageable texture than it was before, just have patience, love Mags xx

Berlinda, I’ll swap you my curly hair for your straight hair, if that’s how they both grow back.

Am off to
the wig shop in mcr tmrw for a going out wig! Same place jeanette had that brill wig from. Am hapy to wear my cap/hats/uber crew cut in the daytime but it just is wrong wrong wrong for nightime stuff and I have a few events coming up. Threw my toys put of the pram in a big strop yesterday and said I am just not going yo my take that tribute night with a bald head. Will keep u informed.


Hallo everyone, I’m new to this site so please forgive any errors. I have had 6 chemos and 3O radiotherapy treatments and I am now on Femara for 5 years. My hair fell out in tufts and eventually the tufts didn’t cover the bald bits so i had it all shaved off. Horrible. It’s now growing back but with some long hairs and some short hairs. I usually stick it all down with gel but please ladies do you have any advice on how to cope with it and get it looking good? At 64 I find this punk hairstyle rather unattractive. Mind you it is very easy to wash and dry and I have saved a lot from not having to go to hairdressers every 8 weeks. My hair was always straight and I 'm a bit disappointed it won’t grow back curly. It seems to be the same colour as before, dark brown with some silver threads. Any advice gratefully received.

Hi billa - I had thick , coarse ,curly hair before dx, but kept it short to keep it fairly straight. When it started to grow back thought it might be going to be straight for at least a few months for a change. But no , when it got to about and inch and a half it started to curl and began to look like an “old lady’s perm”. Had it cut very short 5 weeks ago and it is now starting to curl again. So there is hope that you will regain your curls. Good luck . marli

My hair which was a lovely brunette has come back silver grey and total straight… where before it was wavey… I am only 43 yrs old with now silver grey hair…lol… BUT it is hair…

Hey Don’t worry… my motto is WE Have Hair…xxx

Hi Teddy you asked for advice, I am no hairdresser and having trouble with my own as whilst it is ok now when it first came through I looked like a mad professor! I haven’t had a cut yet but my hairdresser has advised get a good cut as hair doesn’t grow where you want it to and a cut will style it and make it more managable it will also make it grow quicker (maybe thats a myth but its worth a try) - she also mentioned ‘products’ to me - now again I am no expert on what to put on hair these days as there as so many different potions etc in the chemists - gel, mouse, spray etc etc - I am sure a good hairdresser will advise what product is best to make it do as its told and make you feel a million dollars… like muffett says WE HAVE HAIR so lets make the most of it xxxx

Teddy I’d go to your hairdresser and have the longer bits cut off so you’re left with everything the same length. I’m almost a year past chemo and have short very wavy hair which was formerly fairly straight ! Also mine’s a few shades darker now.

When mine was first coming back i found a local hairdresser who did post chemo hairdressing services for cancer patients. She advised lots of massage to the scalp to stimulate growth. There’s a plastic brush on sale at the moment called Tangle teaser. Try your local chemist. It’s flattish, a bit like something you’d groom a horse with…She recommended getting some plain almond oil (again from chemist, very cheap), mix in with it a drop or 2 of rosemary essential oil, said to stimulate growth too, rub through hair and onto scalp then spend 5-10 minutes brushing vigorously all over with the tangle teaser brush. Do this prior to your shower.

My hair was always straight and thick , it’d now coming back curly and just as thick, the colour is the same, i do like it!!


Weleda do a scalp tonic, Rosemary hair lotion it is called or some such. I was given some and have been using it, not sure what the difference is, but my scalp is healthy. Might help when hair is growing back, too. It isn’t oily like the previous suggestion, so I believe you could leave it in.

I finish chemo in a month’s time so looking forward to a bald Christmas, and a stubbly New Year!

I was told i would need to shave off the first month’s growth, as this will still have chemo residue in it, but then my remaining fuzz has been growing all through chemo and I am thinking of having another no 4 all over shortly.

Hi all

My hair was thick and curly before and came back even thicker and still curly afterwards.

It looked straight when it first came back, but as soon as it got long enough it was back to curly with a vengeance, thank goodness, as I wouldn’t know what to do with straight hair anyway.

It also came back exactly the same colour. I am 4 year on now, and I have got it back long again.

Love to all

Deborah xx

Mine was thick and curly before i went.
Now, at three inches, it is again curly!

I cannot wait for it to grow a bit longer as i hate it so short.

It has come back the same colour thank goodness…!

i had fine dead straight long hair before chemo i now have slightly thicker dead straight short hair… never had any hint of a curl

I had dead straight fine blonde hair before and it grew back thick, black and curly!! Once it reached a certain lenght it reverted back to straight fine and blonde again… :frowning: !!!

Hey berlinda, a wierd thing happened today, I went out with v v v short brown hair and came back with long auburn hair! U should try that wig shop in mcr, where jeanette from last week Oldham meet up got hers. Some fab curly ones too.


Thanks everyone, yes I am very grateful to have any hair at all trouble is I am impatient to be “normal” again. I have a Rosemary hair tonic which I started using when I was bald. Perhaps it did work after all! Thanks again

cant see your pic! which shop is it?
will reply tomo re meet up off to sleep now x