Does everyone have to take steroids?

Hi all,

I know I might be trying to get ahead of myself here and ONC might tell me on Tuesday, but I’ve been reading various threads and there’s quite a few posts that mention steriods. Do we all have to take them or is it only prescribed for certain regimes?

My treatment plan is Chemo (I’ll find out which ones on Tuesday), concurrent Herceptin and finally Radio.

Your advice will be appreciated.

xx Chris xx

not sure if everyone does but i was 4 fec and 4 tax with 12 months herceptin. I take steroids before tax to help with sickness and side effects also to prevent an allergic reaction. You only take them the day before, on the day and two days afterwards.

Hiya Minimunchkins,
I’m starting FEC on Thurs and am having dexamethasone steriods for sickness for day 1,2,&3 along with other anti-sickness treatment for days 3-7, probably ondanstron & possibly metaclopamide.

Hope this helps.

I had FEC1 a couple of weeks ago and had a dose of steroids through the drip before the chemo drugs, then dexamethasone tablets for the next two days. It’s to help with the anti-sickness so I’d imagine everyone has them.

Jane xxx

Hi Chris. I have had 3 Fec and now started on 3 Tax. I asked t chemo nurse why I hd to have steroids. She said they were anti sickness for the Fec. You def have to have them for tax as there us a risings allergic reaction and they won’t give u the treatment unless you’ve taken the steroids.

Polly x

I cut right down on them and didnt take them at all towards the end of chemo. I had 4xfec,4xtax.They were given intravienously with the chemo and for me that seemed enough. My friend done the same on the advice of her sister who was the chemo nurse.

Thanks Peeps,

Must admit I’d assumed nausea would/could be treated with antiemetics as required but firstly didn’t know that steroids were antiemetics (or had same properties) or secondly that treatment is assumed due, presumably from historic case history.

I’m not going to turn it down if it’s part of my treatment plan - I don’t do ‘sick’ (I can clean up anything else but that has always made me gag) but if BC just isn’t enough … I’ve not long lost nearly 2st (intentionally) to get down to target and now sick-as-a-chip knowing that all my hard work could be undone. Snagger frassin … Ooooh, I could just spit - @*##*"%~!!

xx Chris xx

I had epi cmf and steroids with the chemo and for 2 days post. I did not want to take them as id also just lost 2 stone, but the onc said the options were, take steroids and you will be able to resume a near normal life very soon after each treatment, dont take steroids and you will be flat on your back feeling like death for about a week post every treatment.So I took em, sat here now 3 stone over weight but working to get rid of the dreaded fat

good luck x

i had steriods before fec was started through a drip and ive just finished my 3 days of them, ive had no nausea or sickness which i was worried about, my skin is glowing i feel on top of the world, just cooked sunday lunch and everyone has fell asleep, so im on here chatting,
hope everyone is well
love and hugs

I didn’t want to take anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary. I refused the steroids with FEC as I understood they were indicated ‘only’ to prevent sickness and I didn’t think I’d feel sick. I wasn’t at all sick.
With the tax, steroids help in preventing an allergy reaction which has more consequences, so I did take them the first two times. They made me freak out a bit and so I didn’t take them with tax 3 & 4 and I was fine.
Guess everyone reacts differently and has their own views on what’s best to do. Just wanted you to know that if you decide not to take them you won’t necessarily have a problem. For me, it was more of a problem taking them.
Hope you have an easy time on chemo xxx

I didn;t take the dexamethasone with FEC after the first treatment but I have still put on weight. Having TAX next so from what I’ve read on here I guess I better take them!

Took them as instructed through FEC, but on TAX I cut down on them once the first IV went ok with no allergic reaction.

I took them as instructed the first cycle of chemo and i found day 4, i crashed so badly i could barely leave the couch and i had a 10mth old and a 2 yr old to care for.I was shaking and sweating and couldnt stop eating!

So the next cycle i tinkered with the dose and felt a bit better. 3rd cycle only took one full day and continued to to this for the 5. I think the key is to listen to your body and if its happy for you to take them, they are supposed to help with nausea.

I think with TAX its more important to take them. I was on FEC and the nurses said it was up to me and they were really only give to dampen reaction and nausea.

good luck

Thanks for asking the question, it hadn’t even occurred to me to wonder, but it’s very good to know.

Is there any alternative to steroids as anti-nausea? I’m not terribly keen on blowing up like a balloon, I can’t afford to buy new clothes!

If you’re into more natural therapy, ginger is excellent for sickness. xx

I didn’t have steroids with AC after the first dose as they made me slightly mad. I didn’t feel sick though, so it was an easy choice.

With Tax, I had the intravenous dose - was told i had to as it was an anti-allergy measure - but I didn’t take the 3 days’ worth prescribed to me. Onc shrugged and said that was fine with him, so long as I had the first dose.

Good luck with it all. xxx