Does hair come back when you stop aromatase inhibitors ?

Hello. I’ve been on Aromasin for three years and eight months and my hair is starting to be badly affected. I always had thick strong hair and it came back very well after chemo.

But now its condition has changed and it feels thin and wispy. Also I have definite bald patches at my temples - real male pattern balding ! I find this quite distressing and don’t want to end up looking like an old man !

Can anyone who has had similar problems and has now finished taking Aromasin or Arimidex please tell me if the bald patches regrow once you stop taking it.

Many thanks - Anthi x

Not had personal experience of this but as a family planning nurse some of my patients had their hair thin on some hormonal methods of contraception but once we changed then this resolved so I’d say it sounds likely that it would change back to normal if it is caused by the hormonal treatment however it may be worth speaking to your doc to make sure there isn’t some other underlying health problem that could be contributing… so maybe you need some bloods done to check your hormone levels and thyroid function.

Lulu xx

hi anthi, I may well be a bit older than you(60) I have been on arimidex for 4 3/4 years now.Like you always have had thick strong hair.Mine has thinned a little but still would be discribed and thick by others! It has undoubtedly changed quite a bit though,in texture,very dull regardless and very dry and course. I would say arimidex has altered it,then again it’s altered quite a lot of other bits of me as well i believe!!

Hello Lulu and Wizardpoo and thank you both for your helpful replies. Take care. Anthi x

I am in the same boat as you. I am 49 and have been on arimidex almost 2 years. Just recently I have been having a terrible time with my hair. It’s like chemo hair , before it falls out. Dead on my head. It looks so bad. I am so afraid of cutting it. I just got it back . Have you received any additional helpful information?

Hi Anthi - don’t know if this is helpful or not but this is my story.
I am one of the rare people whose hair did not regrow successfully after chemotherapy. Any growth there was, was very slow and I think only about a third of my hair follicles re-generated. The hair that grew was very fine and sparse- and typical MPB , as you say.

It’s now over 2 years since I finished chemo ,starting soon afterwards on Arimidex; I consulted various people re my hair and was told that my age was against me (68- so really ancient!) and Arimidex would perpetuate what the chemo had begun. Very un- encouraging.
I have been wearing a wig now for over 2 years. I have my hair trimmed regularly as it does grow longer but until recently it has continued to be very fine and wispy - with my scalp showing thro’ near my parting line and at my temples (it’s thicker at the back and round the sides but nothing like my original strong and wavy hair).
However! Over the past couple of months it really does seem to have started to thicken - just a little - but enough to encourage me that it IS improving - despite my still being on Arimidex- so maybe your hair will pick up too. Is it possible that you are run down or lacking in some essential vitamins at the moment? BC treatment does do horrible things to our bodies. I take r Cod Liver Oil capsules and Vit D daily and feel I have regained my pre= BC health and strength.

On a wider point- I do think the impact of hair loss to a woman- for whatever reason - is grossly underestimated by the medical profession. It is horrible to be bald!