Does implant ever feel ‘normal’

Hi all, I am interested in hearing peoples experience with having an implant and if it ever feels ‘normal’, or enough so that you can get on with doing things you used to before.

I had mx with immediate implant reconstruction in December so I know it is still early days. I’m really struggling with the odd feelings and sensation of the implant and I really hope it settles down as time goes on. Pre surgery I used to run, but I cannot imagine being able to go for a run now. It’s not so much pain but the feeling of my foob when I’m moving. Even if I lean forward/over, a fast paced walk - it all feels so odd!


Hi Sammy, will be watching this post with interest as I’m in the same situation as you. Had my mx and implant at end of November and am struggling with the sensation as well. It just feels really heavy and am very aware of it. It also feels very achy towards the end of the day.
What sort of implant did you have? I had the Braxon mesh which sits over the muscle and is stitched to the muscle wall. I have been told I will get used to the feeling in time, but can’t imagine this at the moment! How are you coping with sleeping? I do struggle to get comfortable in bed - propping myself up on loads of pillows help. Doesn’t help that my favourite sleep position is on the implant side! Linda x

Hi MrsR,
I get the end of the day ache too! I had a sub-pectoral dermal sling. I went down size quite a bit so they were able to use my skin to create a pocket that that holds the implant in place, stitched to the muscle where they lifted it from chest wall.
Sleeping is a struggle here too, I used to be a tummy sleeper! I’ve got myself a v pillow which is helping a lot and I’ve managed to use it to make it comfy to sleep on my side. Could be worth a try!
Hopefully it all settles down for both of us. I’ve got more surgery planned for March to balance out the other side. I’d love for this side to just feel ok before that! Good luck x

Hi Bluebell
Thank you for the advice. Can I ask where the bras were from or if they were a certain brand? I’ve been wearing sports bras but perhaps need to look at something a bit more specific x

Thank you Bluebell. I’ll have a look into it. It’s great to hear you’re doing so well now x

Hi Hilary,
It’ll be nice to get into something other than the high impact bras!
Im another few weeks on I first wrote the post and things are getting better. Today I went for a walk and suddenly realised I’m not getting the pain from the bounce of the movement as i did before. So a step in the right direction! Still not sure I’m ready for a run but starting to feel more positive that one day soon I might be able to test it out!
Hope things continue getting better for you too. Sam x

Hi Sammycc, I had a left side mx last May ch and it sounds similar to yours as the reconstruction is much smaller than the right so they could use more sky n. I don’t remember being given any choices about the type of implant/surgery at all! I’m due to have the right side reduced this year.
I’ve often wondered whether the implant will ever feel normal and mine still gets sore, particularly if I don’t do my arm exercises. I think having chemo and radio has really delayed the healing. However I have noticed that’s it’s gradually improving although I still can’t sleep on it. I started running about 4 months after the op but I’d recommend a really tight sports bra! I also went to Nicola Jane to be fitted due to the massive difference in my boobs! They were great, highly recommend! Hope you start to feel more comfortable soon x

Yes. I’m 4 years down the line and doing all the things I did beforehand, there is some weakness as they’ve cut muscle so sadly can’t push vacuum cleaner (!!!)have to kick it first, and can’t lift huge weights like I did before. But that’s not cos of implant but because muscle cut.
I asked someone about running - and she said good bra and off you go!

Not sure how old this thread is but I’ve just seen it so here goes ! :). I had a right sided mx and immediate recon with implant in Jan 2017 - but I think I can just about do everything I did before the op ! And I was/am pretty active (I’m 46, use the gym, swim etc) my implant does feel different and it moves differently to my other “real” but in my head it’s a good “different” even an amazing “different “ - this difference saved my life - I love my implant - I used to call my boobs “the girls “ and when I had my op my implant was welcomed into the gang lol - however odd or uncomfortable it occasionally feels I always try and be positive about it - I just feel very lucky x I know everyone’s experience differ but I do feel your mindset makes a huge difference x Big love to everyone

Hi i had a mx 2016 on right but first implant caused issues caspular contour and was leaking and in a lot of pain had new one put in 10 weeks ago not had post op check yet but this ine seems to have lumps in two of them. Has anyone else had these issues.

My implant still shows some creases 3 years on , I think it was a bit uneven for the first few weeks but probably better to get it checked. I’ve always been able to see the internal stitching line but the overall result is pretty good. X

Hi, I had a mastectomy with immediate implant construction on July 3rd so I know it’s still early days. It feels so strange when I lean forward or when walking, it’s almost like I can feel the implant moving around… has anyone else had this?

Hi Andrea, I had exactly the same (I posted originally and am now 8 months post surgery) It does settle down. It did take a while but gradually you stop noticing it quite so much as it all settles in place. I’m still always conscious that it feels different but certainly not the way it did in the early days. I’m back to running and doing everything as normal which seemed impossible a few months back. Give it sometime and you’ll find your new normal xxx

Thank you so much for replying Sammy xx