Does it matter what I eat??



I am waiting for test results next week. Suspicious cells and something suspicious under arm and large lump. I am expecting to be told it’s cancer and op to remove it is next Thurs.


The Nurse said to eat healthy and plenty of fluids. Does anyone know if there anything in particular that I should eat/avoid. 


Generally Im having museli/porride and orange juice for breakfast, pasta or chicken salad for lunch and veg or salad with my dinner. 


Does it make a difference if I have a glass of wine at the weekend? Or chocolate or fast food?


Im not gonna start going overboard and worry about diet but if anyone has any useful tips/ideas I would be grateful. 




Kerry xxx

Hi Kerry


I dont remember recieving any advice regarding diet beofre my surgery (some years ago).


I do remember reading an article about avoiding tomatoes before anesthetics. Dont know what the evidence is for it. I would guess that eating fresh fruit and veg would be useful for keeping your immune system healthy and on the day before surgery maybe eating food that is easily digestible.

Thanks - I am definately going to up my fruit and veg intake and cook healthy dinners but yes a glass of red wine will happen on Saturday night!


I might look into a juicer!