Does nipple discharge stopping indicate anything?

Hello, I have recently had clear and bloody nipple discharge. The clear started spontaneously about 6 weeks ago. A few weeks later it became bloody. It would flow easily and was very clearly bloody, sometimes mixed with fluid, sometimes thicker, and sometimes a rusty color liquid. In the past week it has tapered off and is now only very small amount of clear discharge.

Mammogram didn’t show anything, and ultrasound showed a small intraductal mass inside a cyst. My gynecologist assumed it is an intraductal papilloma.

I was sent for biopsy but the radiologist said he couldn’t do it due to the location. I met with the surgeon today and he said he has never heard of a radiologist saying that before. (However, this surgeon, who is an oncology breast surgeon, after my exam stated my implants are above the muscle but they’re actually below so I kind of lost some trust there.) I am now being sent for an MRI and again a biopsy if the new radiologist thinks it’s necessary.

My questions are:

  1. Since the discharge has tapered off, does this indicate anything one way or another? The surgeon stated that an intraductal papilloma won’t stop bleeding once it starts, but I have not read or heard that before.

  2. Can the mass disintegrate or go away? Would debris show as a solid, round, hypoechoic mass on ultrasound?

Although all signs are positive, my fear is not getting a definitive answer and just waiting to see what happens in six months.

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Hi txabby

Thanks for posting.

It’s understandable that you’re feeling concerned about having an answer to the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to say whether the change in the nipple discharge is significant. Many breast cysts do go away by themselves but the small intraductal mass seen on ultrasound may still require further investigation. The MRI scan and biopsy you have planned will be aimed at giving a definite diagnosis and plan of treatment (if required). You can find more information on intraductal papilloma by following the link.

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