Does tamoxifen affect your body on long haul flights?

Hi again
I’m really looking forward to a trip to Boston at the end of October, but am worried that I read somewhere that if you take tamoxifen you should take extra precaustions on long haul flights? Do I just need some support stockings?
Does anyone have any advice - I’d be most grateful.

Think maybe you are at increased risk of dvt being on tamoxifen.I flew to Washington this year and took asprin couple days before flying and wore flight socks too, was more concerned about my lymphoedema but had increased strength sleeve for flight and all was tickety boo. Have visited Boston/New England in the Fall before and it was fantastic,have a great trip.

Sandra x

My bcn said flight socks and half an asprin for 2 days before any length flight. Sleeve for flights over 5 hours.

Wishing you a wonderful trip. Have done a few long haul flights on tamoxifen in last couple of years…in the aircraft magazine on back of plane seat you will find a series of excercises to do every hour if not possible to get up and walk around. Things like ankle rotations and bum clenches, cant remember exactly but they are always there somewhere on long haul. My BCN always recommends a nice long walk as soon as possible after landing as well and leave the flight socks on for an hour afterwards.

love Judy x

I went on an 8 hr flight earlier this year while on tamoxifen. my onc advised taking a low dose aspirin daily for a few days before the flight. I was completely fine. didn’t bother with stockings, just made sure I kept moving my legs. I actually forgot to take any aspirin in preparation for the flight back (still had chemo brain…) and again I was fine.

We will be doing a 12 hr flight next summer; I will be on tamox still, but will take the aspirin again no doubt. Enjoy your trip. xx

Thank you all for your suggestions. I’ll get aspirin and flight socks at the ready!

Hi there, I did a long haul flight in March this year and my Oncky advised not to take my tamox day of flight (I take it in the evenings) and not to take it day before return flight. I wore flight socks. Again, everyones advise is different. Have a super trip. x

that seems strange to me considering that if you miss a tablet is doesnt matter, it is still in your system, it takes 3 months to fully get in or out of your system, so dont know what missing one would do…