Does Tamoxifen induce menopause - what do I need to know?

Hello, I have my follow up with the medical oncologist on 22nd November, 7 weeks after my op. No sign of cancer cells in nodes removed, and a clear margin on mastectomy but only 3mm margin against chest wall. 

I qualified for the Oncotype DX test but I gather either way I will have the Tamoxifen as I am pre-menopause.

Can anyone shed light on questions I might want to ask the oncologist about side effects, whether it induces meanopause, or generally tell me anything useful about your experience or things that would be helpful to know.

Thanks so much and love to you all - Charlotte x

Hi Charlotte

In short, yes Tamoxifen will create menopause as it works by suppressing oestrogen produced in your ovaries (which is what happens when you hit menopause as your ovaries stop producing oestrogen, however if you get BC after menopause you will also be prescribed an oestrogen suppressant because the body still produces oestrogen but in a different way). 
I can recommend a book by Dr Annice Mukherjee: The Complete Guide to the Menopause: it’s a really well written guide to managing menopause symptoms with lifestyle but with the added bonus that Dr Mukherjee had BC herself 10 years ago at 41 and took Tamoxifen. She is also on Instagram (the.hormone.doc) and posts a lot of useful information and live chats. 

You are likely to hear a lot of people talk about negative effects of Tamoxifen, however it is human nature to shout about negative things, than positive things and I understand there are plenty of women who take hormone therapy with little or no side effects 

Good luck, with your appointment, I’m still waiting to hear which drug I need to take 


Hi I just joined this forum and I read your post. It’s been a few months since you have been on Tamoxifen, how are you feeling?

i just started 8 days ago. I too had a double mastectomy and no spreading of the lymph nodes and I am pre menopausal. Just curious on how you are feeling thus far.