Does this sound like something to worry about?

Hi I went to doc 3 weeks ago with an ache in armpit, she said it was a swollen gland, took bloods and referred me on a rountine basis to breast clinic. Neither of us could feel a breast lump. A week or so later I found a large long flat feeling lump a bit like a straw but with 2 larger bulges in it on the top outer part of the breast on same side. I went back and saw another doctor who said it feels like a fibroadenoma and to just keep my appointment with the breast clinic which is in another 3 weeks time. I am post menopause and wondered if anyone else had symptoms like these and if it does sound like anything I should be worried about? I thought after menopause that you don’t get cysts or fibroadenoma? I’m very stressed about it all

I forgot to mention that the blood tests showed no infection and that both my armpit and breast at the site of the lump ache a bit now and again

try another doctor… perhaps she is wrong

Hi Teeny,
It’s good you have been referred to the breast clinic, they will sort it out for you. Inevitably, waiting for appointments is stressful, but mostly it turns out Not to be bc, there are more common benign reasons for your symptoms.
Easier said than done, but carry on as normal & try to put it out of your mind. Do come back & chat if you need to &, as we generally say, general googling of symptoms is best avoided as it only creates unnecessary anxiety.
ann x

Thanks Ann, waiting is the worst. I was really googling to see if I could find another answer rather than cancer and it all kinda points out that after menopause cysts and fibroadenoma don’t happen anymore, maybe I will have the exception to the rule, let’s hope so. It kind of feels like a chain of lymph nodes but they aren’t actually in your breast tissue are they? I keep trying to forget about it and get on with my life but then it aches and reminds me lol

That’s the problem with google, Teeny. It always leads to bc, when mostly it turns out not to be! & if on the off chance it is, then it will be dealt with, treatment is excellent now.
There isn’t a magic wand with waiting, but you’ll get there.
ann x

Thank you xx

Thought I would come back and update. Had my appointment at breast clinic this morning. After mammogram and ultrasound I have been told that I have normal hormonal changes for a post menopausal woman but will swollen glands under armpit. The ultrasound says the glands look normal and doctor says they sometimes swell for no reason. Hoping they go down soon as they are causing an ache which goes down my arm too. Thank you for your replies Ann xx

So pleased for you Teeny & thanks for reporting back as it is reassuring to see that mostly, whatever the symptoms, it turns out not to be bc.
And even if it is, it’s very treatable now.
ann x

My GP tookbloods when this all started 2 months ago and said I had no infection so I’m not sure what good antibiotics would do but I’m seeing her again in around another 2 weeks so will see where we go from here if they are still swollen at that point x

Hi, just back from follow up appointment with my GP. She told me that the results of my mammogram and ultrasound were that I have fibrocystic breasts. From all I’ve read this condition disappears when you are post menopausal, does anyone have any idea why it would’ve only started when I am nearly two years post menopause? I also pointed out to her that the breast im having problems with has shrunk and she didn’t seem worried. She checked it and agreed that it has thickenings in it consistent with fibrocystic condition and that I should stop touching the swollen lymph nodes as I’m inflaming them. Would the thickenings cause shrinking? Thanks

Hi Teeny,
As you still have some queries, it might be an idea to post in the ‘ask our nurses’ board as I wouldn’t really want to speculate so to speak.
take care
ann x

Thank you Ann, I will try that