'Dog Ear' after Mastectomy

I had TAC chemo, a double mastectomy and axillary clearance with radiotherapy on one side three years ago, which has left me with a ‘dog ear’ on that side. No matter what type of bra I wear the lump hangs out over the side and gets quite sore. It also pops out of the side of my swim suit. Even when I go boobless I have this funny shaped lump on one side under my arm. I am trying to pluck up the courage to ask to be referred back to my surgeon to have it tidied up. She said at the time of the original op that I could have it sorted at a later date when I had healed. Has anyone else had this operation, what does it entail, does it work? Any help anyone can give me would be really appreciated, I want it sorted but am a bit scared about yet another operationn.


Hi nonny,

I had my dog ear removed after my mastectomy, it was done under local anaesthetic and felt so much better once it had been removed, I could actually put my arm down by my side without discomfort!!! Don’t be afraid, it took about 1/2 hr. I was sore afterwards but took solphadol and neurophen and healed well.
Best of luck


Hi Nonny
Its been 2 years since I had a double mastectomy, & I have at last pluck up courage to get my dog ears removed. I have one under each arm.
Haven’t got my date yet, but I am exspecting around Feb.
I was hoping there were more people who have had it done to put my mind at rest.


Hi papilon,

Sorry that there hasnt been more people on here to reasure you but honestly it is a relief to have the dog ears removed, and to be honest after what we have been through, it’s a relatively minor procedure and it will make you feel physically better. Most people put up with them, but as I was young I wanted to do anything that made me feel better.

Jill x

Hi Jill
Thank you so much for that.
I had looked before but couldn’t find anything on dog ears, & so thought that it was something that didn’t come up to often.
I’m not the bravest person at the best of times.
I have a friend who had BC the year before me, she has dog ears as well, but is not bothered about them.
Thanks again for the reassurance, it helps a lot.
Papillon x

Hi all
I am writing on behalf of my mum who has been left with a dog ear after surgery . She cannot find a comfortable bra to accommodate it . Any recommendations ?
Jax 1973

Go back to the surgeon and ask him to remedy it.

Dog ears are a nuisance and can happen even with the best of surgeons. Many ladies put up with it or don’t like to complain. I intend to have mine done following chemo and radiotherapy. I would also want it done under a general anaesthetic. Some surgeons call it a fishtail operation . It is very easy and should not take too long to recover from.
Best regards

I had my two “done” 4 months after my bi mx. The results weren’t perfect but I no longer felt I was carrying two pillows under my arms - which was ok with me since that was the main reason for my decision to have the surgery. It was a general anaestetic and recovery was a breeze compared to what had been done before.

Well, after hearing from all you kind ladies I plucked up courage and saw my GP who referred me back to my surgeon. I saw her the other week, and have just had my pre-op and the main event should be in a few weeks time in the day-case unit. So no stay in hospital thank goodness, I think that was what was worrying me most.
Love to all

I’ve asked for mine to be sorted and he’ll look into it at my next appt in February.
I have a thing sticking into my arm. I can’t wear a camisole cos they all cut into it and leave a sore red line. If I roll over in bed, it gets trapped.
I want it off!

I am going to have it done in December under local what was it like did you feel anything

I had double mastectomy and axillary clearance in February 2017.  I have been left with “dog ears”, surgeon suggested removal.  Concerned re another anaesthetic.  Surgeon would be willing to give me a local.

Has anyone had a local for this type of surgery, and how long did the recovery take. Is it worthwhile having it done?


Fi Orietto