"dog ear" under arm

Has anyone had a “dog ear” removed from under their arm, i.e. spare flesh which hangs over the bra strap? Wondering whether it can be done under local anaesthetic and whether it could worsen lymphoedema.

Come on Shula… you have left me in suspense… I have one as well!

Hey Shula and Topper

So do I. I believe it may be useful when we have reconstruction though.

I think mine is more like an elephant’s ear!!


I am hopimg that mine might go once the inflation is let down a bit! Could be designed to be there? I love in hope.


Or indeed Live in hope!!!


I have one !!! and have been told they will remove it but not sure when. I had my mastectomy with reconstruction last June and was hoping I could have it removed soon. It’s not too bad as it just fits under my bra.

Liz xx

When I went to the Lymphodoema clinic the nurse said it could be a problem for Lympho. She is writing to my surgeon to recommend that they see me to consider surgery sooner rather than later. I have been told that it is just day surgery but don’t know if it is local anaesthetic or not.

I have just had nipple recon and at the same time they removed flap of skin from my scar on my back at the arm end, I had recon using back muscle in Sept 06. I asked the surgeon about the excess skin removal, and he was quite happy to do it at the same time as the nipple.

They used some of this skin to construct part of the nipple, talk about recycling.!

I had this done under local, it was a bit scary, but now its done I am glad, as it used to make me feel really self conscious.

Don’t know what is all looks like yet, as I have to have the dressings on for another 8 days.

Best wishes to you all.

Love Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah

My oncologiston seeing my dog ear just said are you having that removed when you have your nipple done? Didn’t know whether to bother with nipple reconstruction but think I will now so I expect then it could be next year .

Best of luck on your unveiling

Liz xx

HI Liz

I have now got my appointment to go for the dressings off and its not till 22nd April, nearly 3 weeks since I had it done. I am a bit dissappointed as I was told it would be 2 weeks. Oh well, just have to wait a bit longer, but I will let you know what it is like when I eventually get to see it.

Love Deborah xx

Yes please ! I bet you can’t wait and do you have a tattoo for the aerola or is it not needed?

Liz xx

Hi LIz

I will be having the tattoo, I think you have to wait around 3 months for it to heal first, although a well meaning friend asked me if I’d had the tattoo done at the same time as the recon! If only it were that simple.

Always wondered what it would be like to have a tattoo, now i get to find out, not quite in the way I had imagined though, funny old life isn’t it!

Will keep in touch when I am unveiled.

Love Deborah xx

I am away in France from next Monday until 21st April so I shall be back on and awaiting your report ! I am going to ring the breast nurse and have a chat and find out whats next. I haven’t spoken to her since last July but now finished chemo and rads I want her to check me and get some sort of timetable for doing things. I am still very uncomfie from the reconstruction but getting there. Just keep thinking that in a year’s time I may be back to near normal !

Liz xx

Hi liz

Just wondering what kind of recon did you have?

I had the one using the back muscle in Sept 06 and it was uncomfortable for a long time.

Have a great time in France, I presume you are off there on hol.

Love Deborahxx

Hi again

I had the back muscle and done in June 07 - so it looks like I shall be uncomfie for a while then? I’m just under the physio to try and get some movement in my back as find it restricted, especially on the loo if you know what I mean (or too much info!!)

I am going to see my friend who lives near Bordeaux ON MY OWN and can’t wait to get away and have some peace. Not had any peace since my op - everybody expects you to run around after them - 2 girls who come home at weekends !! Aged 23 and 21 and can’t put a cup in the dishwasher- let alone make me a cuppa!

I have been going to hers a couple of times a year for about 3 years and had just got back last year when I go recall from my routine mammogram and its been downhill since then.

Fly from Manchester at 6.45 Monday !! That’s the only flight that goes into Bordeaux so limited - early start.

Where did you have your op done? I live near Preston, Lancs and had it done at Chorley Hospital by surgeon who is renowned for doing a good job !

Love Liz xx

Hi Liz

I had mine done at St James Hospital in Leeds, only live about 10 mins drive away.

My surgeon was Mr Turton, also has a good reputation for recons, and I am really happy with the result, it looks almost the same as the other.

I suppose you have to learn to live with the new boob, as I know it will always feel different and I have lot of numbness in my armpit and around, I suppose with the lymph node removal as well.

I have a sort of frozen shoulder, It used to be sore before I ever was diagnosed, so all the treatment has only aggravated it, but I am still doing my excersises, otherwise it feels like it will seize up.

I hope you have a lovely time away form it all in France.

Love Deborah xxx

Hi Deborah

Thanks - after yesterday I definitely need the break !!! Youngest daughter (21) fell out with me because I didn’t like area of new flat she is looking at !! Took eldest daughter back to Manchester and got “dismissed” after dropping her off at flat and had a row with the hubby !!!

My boob is very good actually - a bit higher than the other one, especially now after radiotherapy but once got clothes on you can’t tell the difference. I shall look lovely though if and when sunbathing again - I shall have one pert boob and the other under my armpit !!

Can’t wait for your unveiling though !

Liz xx

PS Hubby is a Leeds supporter for some reason ! x

Hi Liz

I suppose someone has to support Leeds, nobody into football in our house though, despite having 2 sons, and lovely hubby.

I will keep in touch about the unveiling, had a dream about it last night, but didn’t get to see the result before I woke up!

One thing with my boobs, the non recon one is too small to go under my amrpit, so no probs there!

Love to you, Deborahxx