Dog ears / Liposuction following breast reconstruction August 2014



Following my diep flap surgery in February, I have been given a date to go into hospital for corrective surgery in two weeks.


I haven’t been told exactly what’s going to happen as I haven’t seen my surgeon since my post surgery appointment.  As my breasts are slightly different sizes we discussed reducing the non reconstructed one or, using liposuction, enlarge the reconstructed one.


I also need the dog ears removed.


I don’t know what’s involved and have no idea whether this will be done under general or local, if I’ll be staying overnight or a day patient.


I also have no idea of the side effects, recovery times etc.


Could someone advise me of what to expect please.

it does depend what they are going to do.   I had my good breast slightly reduced to get better symmetry that was under GA - a few months later I also had Lypo to take out some ‘fat’ underarm and side and that was  local (although it was a bit uncomfortable).   I didn’t have any ‘dog ears’ so didn’t have to have that procedure.   My experience of plastic surgeons is that they are perfectionists and if you are agreeable they will go for the ‘best’ options for you.  So I would assume it is under GA and you will stay in hospital (I only stayed one night) for that - it might be worth ringing your BCN to discuss so when you go for the procedure you are clear in your own mind exactly what you feel you want/need so you can tell your surgeon on the day. 

Hi when I had my uplift and dog ears for mine had slight reduction on breast and uplift and dog ears is just minor tweak was 1st on list and as felt ok they let me go home at 6 in evening - my choice they said it was down to how I felt and as I always have bad nights sleep in hospital right for me


Once all had settled had little bit of lipo on recon breast when they did nipple recon, and chose to have that under local (quite interesting to watch lol)



Thank you. I’ve found out its to be done under general and likely to go home the same day. How did you feel afterwards? Did you have any ‘down time’ to rest?

I had my dog ears removed.  After going through a 9 hour surgery the first time, the dog ears went very smooth and healing time was faster.  I went under general because I had developed a bulge in my abdomen and they had to repair that also.  Good luck!

That’s interesting as I have a bulge too. My consultant said it was due to weakened stomach muscles allowing the bowel to push through? Did they say what had caused yours?