dogs detecting cancer?????

dogs detecting cancer???

dogs detecting cancer??? Hi all,

Dont know if anyone has heard of this or whether there has been recent media coverage (forgive my ignorance if there has…not a fan of the news and newspapers as its never good news!!) but a friend of mine called last night and said that she has read recently about dogs detecting breast cancer!!!

Apparently it has been carried out in the UK whereby a group of women (not sure of ages) are presented in front of a dog or dogs (unsure how many or what breed) and the dogs would sniff out the breast cancer (could be other cancers too, not sure on that)…however these women were then given mammograms and then it was discovered that they did indeed have breast cancer…seems unreal doesnt it. Apparently there was a 99.9% success rate in detection.

I asked my friend where she read it but she is a student nurse and subscribes to all sorts of journals etc and cant for the life of her remember where she had seen it but promised to show me if she comes across it again.

All seems quite far fetched but very fascinating and if it really does work then i am sure it would be a much cheaper way of early detection in women who would not normally be tested. also if any of those women who discovered they did have bc and were younger than the age of 50 with no high risk of breast cancer (therefore no routine testing)…I bet they want to kiss those dogs!!!


Dogs detecting cancer I don’t know about breast cancer but there was a programme on tv about dogs (spaniels, I think) being able differentiate between the urine from men with prostate cancer and men without the disease.

But after I had my mammogram, my dog, who is not allowed on the sofa unless invited (and doesn’t get on it for fear of reprisals!), got up and slept with me when I’d fallen asleep during the evening. He’s not done it since I had my operations. Coincidence? Possibly - but I shall always wonder.


Hi Janine Having just had my annual mammogram today (OUCH) the thought of a dog detecting cancer is appealing!

I do remember reading in the papers last year that a dog had detected his owners breast cancer twice.

Dogs detecting cancer Lots if you “google” it (Including a report in the BMJ in 2004 - bladder cancer that one)

There was a really interesting prog on this last year They were looking at if dogs were able to sniff out cancer and I have to say that my ultimate conclusion was that some dogs [after sufficient training] were certainly able to do this. In one case I seem to remember that dogs were able to sniff out cancer samples even after they were 10 years old [I mean the samples]

The prog was really interesting but I think that the UK arm of this research had to abandon their tests due to lack of funding…

Seem also to remember that America is probably the leader in this field of research.


— Hi All — Past tests have said that they detect it in urine BUT this week (and I can’t remember where) I read they can smell it on your breath. This worried me because my little dog keeps sniffing my face suddenly when she’s on my knee (oooooh more worries!!!)

Joy xxx

Dogs The article was in Take a break within the past couple of weeks.


— Mmmmmm Heather — Are you the reason I don’t ever win anything - you been taking all the prizes?

Joy xxx

aha So that is what is meant when doctors are waiting for Lab results…

Joy Sorry, it’s not me taking the prizes - the mags are passed on by my Mum when she’s done the puzzles - but she doesn’t win either!


Cats…? Weird though it is, i don;t think its just dogs. When my partner had cancer, my cats started laying on the bed with their paws on him, in what turned out to be the site of the cancer. Never did this before - Never laid beside us on the bed. (Aso laid beside his head). Ditto with me since my diagnosis - both the paws on my right upper arm (cancer is in right breast) and laying beside my head on my right. Coincidence? Maybe. but spooky!

And no, i never win anything either!

— slight deviation on theme — I won (TWICE) a years supply of dog food!!!

The neighbours love me now and walk their dogs past my house regularly as they know I flag them down if I see them to give the dog food away before its sell by date!

Joy xxx