Doing well 3 years on!!

Hi, Hope this may cheer people up and give hope to those having a bad time. diagnosed with secondaries to bones, hips (both) , one which has been replaced, spine (radiotherapy sorted that out!) and ribs. Then liver secondaries, was on capecitabine for 18 months which worked really well so had 6 months off, yipee. Back on now as slight signs of regrowth but bloods now stable, have zometa every 3 weeks for bones. I go swimming and have a long walknearly every day and pick my grandson up from school . Life is good xx never give up hope?

Thank you xxx

Wonderful x

How lovely Quality Street. I’m so delighted to hear you’re doing well and enjoying life.

Keep up the good work.



Thank you so much really need to hear this xxxxxx

Hi QS, great to read your encouraging post.  Yes there is life after bone and liver mets dx :slight_smile:

I see you’re on capecitabine 2nd time around… me too, I had an 18-month break after being on cape for 2 years (had other treatments then) and it’s working again.