Don’t know what to think!

Hi guys, sorry if this seems like a stupid post/ question. Just above my breast (below my neck) is a really painful (hurts even when you lightly touch it) and hard area, and it feels like there’s a lump there - but I can’t be completely sure because it’s such a small area.

I’m really scared about going to the doctors about it, even though I know the worst case scenario! Am I being stupid?!

hi Georgina,

Just go to your Dr to get it all checked out, otherwise it will only play on your mind & cause more anxiety anyway.

IF you are referred to the beast clinic, then that’s good as it will be properly checked out & is normal practice, so don’t read anything into this if it happens.

Most breast changes turn out to be nothing to worry about, but you won’t know if you don’t go.

It will be fine, it usually is.

ann x



I can only echo what ann has advised.


Yes it is scary because your mind automatically thinks the worst, but the only way to get peace of mind is to make an appointment with your GP.


They may refer you to a breast clinic, but as ann says it does not mean that they believe it to be breast cancer, it is that they are the experts and any breast change should be checked out.


Let us know how you get on if you want


Sending you hugs


Helena xxx