DONE! - I can't believe it..........

Hi Everyone
Well I’ve done it, had my last Herceptin today. Diagnosed 18 months almost to the day. It’s been such a rough ride, had every side effect going and fed up with being told ‘oohh this is really unusual you know’ and even ended up in HDU for a week with a collapsed lung. The girls on the chemo unit even have a saying reflecting my notoriety!!! I never thought I’d get to today. Have more surgery booked in to sort out my hash of a reconstruction but somehow that feels elective and something I’ve chosen to do rather than having no choice over all the diagnostic surgeries at the begining. I just want to thank everyone on this site for such fantastic support and words of wisdom. I know I’ll be a regular visitor on here for a while as it feels like a security blanket right now. And for anyone who is just starting out and feeling like a rabbit in headlights I just want to offer reassurance that there is light at the end of the tunnel it just sometimes takes some bl**dy finding!
Thanks everyone
E xx

Big big congrats E and well done for finishing the marathon. Lots of luck in the future
Lily x