Don't know what to think...!

Don’t know what to think…!

Don’t know what to think…! Hello again, after posting about Tumour Markers and not really getting a clear response - the Ask the Nurse won’t reply to me as I live in France. I’ve just read the thread on the Hot Topics about the former Mrs Rushdie and the words “all clear”. I think it’s up to the individual to say if they want to say they are all clear…I’ve met several ladies who have passed the 5 years and say they now have NO cancer and HAD breast cancer, I’m not one of those as I know there is no cure and it can come back at any time. What concerns me is how do you know if it’s gone to any othe part of your body, I have the yearly blood tests, but in the meantime??? My Onc in UK tells me I should have these tumour markers and this will tell me once and for all. I have chest pain, but it’s been poked and prodded in France by my ONC recently and I’ve been told to go back in April. My good friend has had no pain after her lumpectomy (same year as my mast) and with her yearly tumour marker (in UK) she’s been told she’s now got BC in her lungs, liver and base of spine - A SHOCK OR WHAT??? So I feel great, apart from the odd chest pain that knocks me for six, am training to run for BC in the Paris Marathon, do everything that I feel like doing and just get on with life and if anyone asks, YES I have BC and until there is a cure, it’s with me for as long as I live I guess.
As long as I can do what I want to do it’s not going to get to me.
Rant and rave over
Thanks for listening

Hi, I have monthly tumour markers taken, the CA15-3 markers. I live in the UK and was diagnosed stage 4 from the start. My markers are very accurate and have been a useful indication as to how my treatment’s working. Tumour markers don’t work for everyone but mine have shown where I’ve had long periods of remission (when my markers have gone completely into the range for normal.)
If you are looking for more info on tumour markers there’s this website,
Best Wishes.