Don't know whether to be worried or not....

Hi all,
I’m 32 and have recently been getting pain in my left breast - sometimes so painful I can’t wear my bra. I can’t feel a lump, and my doctor couldn’t either but she did say the tissue in that area is firmer than usual. I’ve also been having a clear yellowish discharge from my nipple for some time but the doctor I saw at the time wasn’t concerned by it.
I have quite a family history of cancer - Mum (57), Nana (on both sides) and great nana (on maternal side) had breast cancer but family diagnosis also includes lung, testicular, stomach, pancreatic, liver and bowel cancer. I’ve also had CIN 3 pre cancerous cells removed from my cervix about 5 years ago.
All of this heaped on top of the new pain is really starting to stress me out :frowning: I received my referral to the local breast clinic yesterday and, although it’s only 11 days away, it seems like an eternity away :frowning:

Hi too busy to be ill and welcome to the BCC forums

I am sure your fellow users will be along soon with support and you may find it helpful to give our helpliners a call, lines are open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat on 0808 800 6000, they can offer further support and a listening ear

The following link will take you to the BCC ‘Worried’ page where you will find publications about referral to a breast clinic and breast cancer in families, I hope you find this useful:

Take care


Hi 2b2bi

sorry you find yourself here. Its not common to have cancer if your only symptom is a pain but if there is a lump or thickening then that makes it a little more suspicious but its still not the norm.

in terms of genetic risk if everything turns out to be fine you would be eligible for early screening from 40 or possibly 35 through research.

most of the cancers you have mentioned are not linked to breast cancer but pancreatic can be so as I said its worthwhile getting a referral to the genetic serivice to discuss your family history.

fingers crossed everything will be ok at your appt
lulu xxx

Don’t worry until you know what you are dealing with. And even then, don’t worry because by then there will be a plan in place and all you have to do is follow the plan.
Come back and let us know how you get on please. Most people get good news and we don’t hear back.

Thanks for your replies - I will definitely keep you posted. Trying not to think about it too much at the minute but not always possible! My Mum only passed away in June so that’s all still very raw and what she went through is all to clear in my mind.
I’m keeping everything crossed that it will be good news and if it is I think I will look in to the genetisist route - for peace of mind and possible screening and/or surgery.
Thanks again

Hi there!

I’m glad that you are getting checked out. I found my bc through nipple discharge so it’s massively worth it. My Mum and Nan died of Pancreatic Cancer so I am awaiting genetic test results. Scary stuff.

Good luck with everything and don’t hesitate to PM me if you want to talk.


I am also experiencing breast pain, have been to breast clinic and am waiting on date for ultrasound, I am 33 years old.
The waiting does drive you crazy as your brain goes into overdrive, but the support here has helped me, and please feel free to chat.
Keep us posted and take careXX