Don't stop nagging your GP!

Hello all,


Sorry if this is in the wrong place - I couldn’t really see an appropriate forum for what I wanted to say,


I posted here about pain I was having. Briefly, my GP fobbed me off by telling me to stop wearing my prosthesis and stop using my arm if it hurt so much. 


Another GP did refer me to the hospital but the hospital cancelled the appointment in no uncertain terms, sending three letters to make sure I got the message. 


The pain got worse and eventually my whole chest area swelled up and went numb but with a sunburnt sensation, lymph nodes swelled up left, right and centre and the one in my neck got to such a size that it’s clearly visible.


Finally, three weeks ago, I persuaded a GP to believe me how much it hurt and that something was wrong - the result of her finally believing me means that I’m sitting here typing one handed because the lymph node biopsy sites hurt and I’m taking a break in between googling “ct scan thorax abdomen pelvis”.


I’m googling that because that’s what I’m having on Sunday - the consultant obviously wouldn’t be drawn into committing himself but the inference was that it’s to see how far it’s spread.


So I just want to warn everyone - don’t take no for an answer. If you think something is wrong, keep on nagging until you persuade someone to listen to you. It’s taken me two years to get them to listen to me - don’t wait that long yourself. 

Aww bless you that’s so u fair. Thinking of you and hoping it all gets sorted soon xx

The CT scan showed stage 4 metastatic cancer in my liver. I see the oncologist in a couple of weeks to discuss options to relieve and prolong. If you think something is wrong DO NOT stop nagging your GP. Go private. Camp in the GP surgery until they listen. Don’t just think “doctor must know best” like I did.