dont understand what this means

Hi, I’m sorry bother you, but I found a thickened area in my right breast 4 weeks ago after it became very red and sore. I went to my doctor who refered me to Bolton Brest clinic. I went there and had a mamogram, ultra sound a needle iserted to look for fluid (non found) then 3 core biopsies. I have just been back for my results and the Doctor said they dont know what it is! The tissue is inflamed but they are not sure why.She wants me to go back in 4 weeks for more tests. I am not really sure what all this means.Can any one help?

hi sidnib i didnt want to read and run so just thought id say hello and sorry yo hear about your situation.

your doctors are the experts so if they dont know what it is yet then we probably cant really help much at this stage except for moral support and a listening ear.

you could try the helpline on 0808 800 6000 as they may be able to give you more info.

your doctors are obviously worried enough to do further tests… sometimes when an area looks a bit suspicious but the results come back normal the docs want to recheck because what they are seeing/feeling isnt tying up with the path results… in my unit we would normally repeat the test and if it was still normal we normally recommend an excision biopsy… that is where they actually do a lumpectomy and remove the suspicious bit so they can look at it in more detail.

sometimes if they are taking a needle biopsy its not quite in the right place and thats why the result comes back normal… im not suggesting that they are trying to find cancer cells but they will be trying to find cells that correspond with the thickening and inflamation.

not sure iv explained that very well xxx

Thank you so much for that.
I was ok on the day I was given the results. I was just so pleased it wasn’t bad news, as I’m sure that is devastating to hear. It’s only since I’ve had time to think about things that I have started to worry a little. I have to go back in 4 weeks to have more tests. I know I am probally just making a fuss over nothing. I just feel a bit confused.
I have to add the staff at the clinic I attended were fantastic.

I don’t know if this will help or not. About 15 years ago I found a very large lump in my right breast went to GP who referred me to breast consultant. Had needle biopsy and went back for results 2 weeks later. Consultant said he didn’t know what it was but it would have to come out (although he said it didn’t jump out to him as being caner). Had it taken out and it was fatty tissue. Could this be the case with you. I would add that I had a further lump which was removed and which was nothing sinister.

Thank you. I just dont seem to think about anything else at the moment. I am trying to limit the amount of detail I tell my 16 year old daughter as like all children her age she worries so much. I cant sleep and feel so guilty for being worried as so many of you have really do have so much to deal with. X

Hi sidnib I know exactly how you feel and we all try and protect our kids mine was 25yrs old and i still found it the worst thing ive ever had to do was tell her my diagnosis,i didnt know how i was going to tell my mam and dad ( whos 80) it was my first thought after being told ( how am i going to tell my family ) but i got the strength from somewhere and they have all being amazing. although you’re daughter may pick up you being extra tense and worried cross that bridge if and when you have to. Wait untill all the other tests are taken and the drs may have a better picture of what it is and remember 95% are benign .Heres hoping for good news xxxxx Julie

Thanks for your comments. I have still nearly 3 weeks to wait before I go back for more tests. It just feels like an eternity. I’m not really sure what to expect at this next appointment or what they are looking for. I guess I should have asked more questions at the time, but I was just so relieved it wasn’t “bad news” as such and made a dash for the door ! So any one in the same position as me please make sure you ask all the questions you need to because ignorance is deffinatley not Bliss in my case.