Don't want implants!!

Willneed to have a WLE, or mascetomy if they can’t leave enough material behind to make a good partner to my healthy breast.  I don’t want implants and everything else sounds horrible too.  My priorities (after full recovery) are:  Fewest number of operations and then equal shape even if that meant flat on both sides.  Can I just have a reduction on the healthy side to make it match?  I am an E Cup!  There’s no way I want to be 60,70, 80 with an E cup on one side and a normal old boob on the other!


I think the short answer is that you need to talk to your team about your treatment plan. I guess a lot depends on your exact diagnosis and the size of your tumour. In some cases it is appropriate to have chemo first to reduce the size which can mean wle and not mastectomy.

I think having bigger boobs generally gives you more options - like you I just wanted to end up sort of even after my wle but unfortunately the shape of my breast is not right so when the rest of my treatment is over I will have another op to reduce both breasts down to a b or c cup so they will be the same size and shape. They did say they could have reduced both during the initial op but given that rads can also affect size, shape etc I am pleased that I waited.


Hi, my plastic surgeon did reduction from J cup to d-e on other boob at same time as mastectomy and immediate implant. Implant is approx a c cup. He told me at outset he couldn’t match them exactly as I was so big and they can only reduce so much. I look ok dressed and there is still some swelling on the reduction. It could take up to a year for them to finally settle. I was in theatre for about 4-5 hours. The recovery has been relatively straightforward so far. I have a tiny area that still isn’t healed but it’s not infected I am now just placing gauze over it. I am now 8 weeks post op and went to the gym yesterday and managed treadmill, cycle and ski stepper. I turned a corner about week 6 but still feel tired at times. I was told the key is to rest in those early weeks so you don’t compromise healing. It is a difficult decision and I am sure you will find the right one for you x Stella

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When you say horrible, do you mean the process or the finish? DIEP is not easy but it does give a very natural finish. As others have said, talk to your team and give yourself time. Although frustrating at the time, complications meant I had to wait 2 ½ years for reconstruction. I had a bilateral DIEP op 12 days ago. I am in a somewhat different position as I ended up with a lot of scarring because I had an infection so I will be fairly easy to please on " finish" but I am very glad I ended up having to wait as I am more confident that I made the right choice and also feel I coped better than I would have 2 years ago.