Don't ya just love computers?

Hi there,

I am new to this site and I had joined the chat room but then my computer kicked me out and I couldn’t get back in!!!

I have secondaries in the bone, lung, chest muscle and under the arm.
i have had hormone treatment and then in june finished taxol.
I am very well and very possitive and have enjoyed reading others experiences.
Even if you haven’t felt possitive you have all seemed it and it has been a great source of inspiration to me.
I have three children a daughter who is 9 and twin boys who are now 7 (they had just had their first birthday when I was origionally diagnosed).
Last year I passed my motorbike test, after falling of and breaking my leg!!!
It was something that I had always wanted to do so when I was rediagnosed I went for it.
I now ride a 500cc and have just been bought a personalised no. plate with a logo of ‘cant keep a good woman down’.
the challenge of learning to ride the bike was great, took me out of my comfort zone and even now when I ride…I can’t think about anything else that what I’m doing!!!
my treatment at the monent is Zometa once a month.
Do many of you try compilmentry therapys?


Hi bikinggirl,

Just wanted to welcome you to the site. It’s really nice to read the piece you wrote about yourself. You have put a smile on my face and you’re right; you can’t keep a good woman down! Hee hee! Well done on the motorbike test. To be honest you sound very inspirational to me!

I was diagnosed with primary BC last march and have been going thru the whole rigmarole of treatment.

I’m sure you will get alot from this site whether it be advice, support or just a chat or joke. It’s great and it’s nice to chat to people who understand.

All my love,
Teacup xx

Hi bikinggirl… And well done on passing your test from me too!
I don’t have any complimentary treatments at the moment…do you…? is there anything that you’d recommend? I have bone mets.

Hiya Bikini girl,

I dont have much to add to your post except you go girl! Reading your post made me smile.
Your right…you cant keep a good woman down. Bless u. x

Hi bikinigirl

Am I thinking you are who I think you are??? And are we meeting for lunch next week with Sheryl??? I hope it is you otherwise this is going to sound daft - it’s just the motorbike thing and our discussion last Thursday night!!!


Thanks for you for your warm welcome,

Yes pink dove it is me, your not daft, just a great woman!!!..

I have to confess it was three attempts before I passed my test!!!

I have tried lots of different alternatives, I think truthfully, I couldn’t except I had cancer and that there was a cure out there just for me…

I am much more relaxed about it now and I don’t fear the future of having breast cancer.

I think there is a lot in nutrition for all of us…
but on a bad day a sleeping tablets does the job as the next day I am always ready to take the world on!!!

Be good girls,
Biking girl.X

Welcome Bikinggirl!

This site is a wealth of info and support (something we can’t express in our meetings?!) so is valuable to us. Also, bcpals has a secondaries forum which is a closed one so only those who have secondaries can access it.

See you Friday! Will you be on your bike!!!

Love Pinkdove