Double Diep

Hi Ladies

I have added a couple of post re: DIEP but I would be very interested to hear from ladies who have had the double DIEP. I am trying to make a difficult decission, I had a LD flap which failed so am back to square one on the left side and this is where the DIEP comes in. I thenread a copy of a letter sent to the consultant stating it wouldnt be a bad idea to have my right breast off and a double DIEP due to strong family history (from my breast consultant and the hospital I go to for genetics). I have had cancer twice on the left breast but am not a BRCA carrier.

Look forward to hearing from you



Hi tinfish
I am considering a double DIEP also. I have potential op date of 19 march.
I am having counselling with BCN next Wednesday where we will watch a DVD together apparently and go through everything. Have you been offered the same.
The Holding Hand post for people having surgery in February may be a good post to join for some support??
Have you got a date or anything yet?
Sharon x

Hi Sharon I did have a date for june but I think that will change if I go ahead with a did you get on Wednesday did it help. I see my consultant 21st Feb so should know more then. L x