Double mastectomy option

I’ve been diagnosed with grade 1 DCIS, non-specific. Because of the size of my breast 32c and the size of the tumour I am having a mastectomy. I originally wanted a double, then the consultant advised that they would match the other one. My concern is the symmetry. I have suffered with eating disorders for over 20 years and my weight fluctuates, thus impacting my breast size. The fact that this is cancer isn’t even figuring with me, and I am much more concerned with the atheistic aspect. I have recently been diagnosed with bipolar 2 and am scared sh*****s about the hormone treatment for the next 8 years, which will bring on the menopause. Emotionally I’m not sure how to get through the physical change, let alone the menopause. I am 44 years old. I am not ready for the menopause and am thinking should I have asked for a double mastectomy. Has anyone gone through a similar experience/going through the same? My surgery date is 03 April.

Hi FionaC1975

I am sorry that you haven’t had a reply yet, I am sure someone will be along soon to offer support.  You may find more response in the Surgery area of the Forum.

Have you considered speaking to one of our speciaists on the free Helpline, 0808 800 6000.  They will help you talk through all your concerns and worries as well as offer clinical information.

Also, you can always post a question to one of our experts on the Ask Our Nurses area of the Forum and you will then receive a reply online too.

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Hi Fionac1975

I can empathise with what you are feeling. 

I was diagnosed in May 18, had chemo surgery then finished Radiotherapy on Monday. 

I had a large tumour so had no option but to have a mastectomy with delayed reconstruction.

I asked for a double mastectomy, However surgeon said the same as yours, they could match my own boob to the new one. 

I am 48, so menopause was on my doorstep, so I was prepared. 

The hormone treatments are not too bad, I’m on Zoladex, and due to start letrozole next week.

Anxiety will contribute to how you are feeling, I was the same, however once everything started then settled, I felt fine. I’m having Acupuncture, taking herbs and exercising, which is helpful. 

Good luck with your treatments. 

Hi Fiona, I’m hoping to have a double mastectomy at the beginning of April so we may well be typing for support at the same time in the future  - the surgeon had planned for a single mastectomy yesterday but I refused it as I hadn’t  been consulted on what I want. There’s a multi-disciplinary meeting on April 1st to discuss my request -  I know they don’t like to take healthy breasts but my argument was - they were prepared to give me plastic surgery to reconstruct the missing breast - and would also consider reduction of the other breast - if they take them both they save a lot of money!! - hope that works - I live in Spain so who knows!!