Double mastectomy via a Diep Flap


I recently had a double mastectomy via a diep flap on 16th August 2017 as risk reducing surgery as I am a BRCA1 carrier. I caught infection soon after the surgery and my body pushed out most of the stitches and now I have open wounds. My right breast is now dressed with PICO and has started to heal from inside out. I have not felt so ugly in my life and almost regret my surgery. I have 3 dressing changes at my local gp and one at the hospital a week and I am getting tired of it and feel like giving up. Last Friday I had my 6 week follow up and my surgeon says she is 95% happy with the result and 5% unhappy that the wounds have opened up.
I also discovered that she put a prolene mesh in my tummy which I was not told about prior to my surgery. I am so angry as I had this type of surgery to avoid foreign bodies inside of me. I feel like I am going into depressing and do not know what to do. Has anyone had this type of surgery? The recovery has been nothing but a emotional and physical challenge.

Hi Simi

i had double mx with nipple and skin sparing dieps recon 6 weeks ago one breast fine but I have had further surgery for debridement and  exicsion of dead skin after the wound opened up about 4 inches following this I got re admitted a week later as got infection and wound leakage

i have had countless picos and then a vacuum pump dressing attending hospital twice weekly

the wound is finally healing but the affected breast is now significantly smaller due to the dead tissue

i am going to see surgeon this week to see what plans are now for symmetry

i to have a mesh in stomach however this does not concern me.

i am sure that your wound will heal but I do understand how you feel it is quite depressing.

which hospital are you at? 

SL x

Hi Sisterlylove,

I am sorry to hear what your going through at the moment. All my wounds are still open and my belly button hasnt survived. Has the pico made a difference for you? I am having slow progress. Was you informed about the mesh prior to surgery? I am currently at Charing Cross Hospital under Miss Hunter.


Hi Sisterlylove,

I have been told by my surgeon that there is no need to stitch and so its just a waiting game for me. (I have no patience!). I have started kalms to help with my low mood and it seems to have helped so far, I really don’t want to go down the route of taking anti-depressants. I have a dressing change tomorrow and then Thursday at CXH where the pico will either be changed or removed permanently. I am fighting to get my life back now.
Glad your dressings are all off, if i could post a pic I could show you how much of a mummy I am.
Simi ?