Double mastectomy with immediate diep reconstruction

hi ladies wide awake on the steroids after my weekly chemo and thinking about decision I have to make by 2 jan whether to have single or double mastectomy, I have multi focal triple positive ibc with lymph node involvement, definitely need a mascetomy on left side and I requested one on the right both with immediate diep reconstruction, I have been told medically I don’t need one on right but they would respect my wishes and do both sent me away to seriously think about it to and let them know on 2nd jan.  I felt I wanted double as couldn’t bear to go back and do it again and you can only have diep the once so just get it all over and done

Hello Millsy. I had a double mastectomy and DIEP reconstruction on 11th October. The surgery was not a walk in the park but considering 9 hours of surgery and 5 days in hospital I am doing really well. I’m back at work and exercising daily. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 in my left breast (I had a lumpectomy)and then again in 2018 in my right so it just felt like the right decision to have the double mastectomy. I’m happy with the decision and I hope you come to a decision you feel happy with too. Wishng you all the very best.

Hello Millsy


I had a single mastectomy and immediate DIEP reconstruction just over a year ago. I only had enough tissue/fat to create one ‘breast’ and so opted for this to deal with  recurrence of DCIS in left breast. 


I am very sure that DIEP is the best way to go if you can, to get a natural look and avoid problems you can get with implants. I am very happy with the outcome in terms of symetry, appearance and feel.  If you have enough tissue for two (which you must have otherwise they would not offer) then go with your instinct.  Do what feels right for you.


If you decide to have both done then the symetry should be excellent. It is a big operation even if you have one done and recovery takes some time but if you can, set aside concerns about work, others people’s needs, what other people may think etc and do what will be best for you.


Hope you are able to enjoy Christmas a bit and best wishes  wiht whatever you decide to do